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The Towers at Four Lakes



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carrie809881 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
College city! It is rediculously loud and busy there. <br><br>AND the cars were constantly getting broke into, even in the "secured" garage, and people were being attacked.<br><br>My boyfriend and I lived there for a year and never encountered more problems. When we moved in their was a tube running from a dehumidifier in the hall that had been placed there because of a pipe bursting...in august. <br><br>There was never enough parking and my boyfriend drove a dodge ram deasel truck which durring the winter had to be plugged into to an electrical outlet to keep the oil from freezing. Their best resolution was to run an extension coard from the lodge (on the other side of the property) to his truck parked in the lodge's lot....WTF?! <br><br>Even worse, the day before x-mas eve, there was a pipe that burst a few floors above us and soaked through the wall between the living area and the bedroom. We were on vacation and they did not call us or our emergancy contacts to enter the apartment. <br><br>We returned home the next day with no knowledge of any thign that had gone on. They moved ALL our stuff which was already ruined and litterly left it as a pig sty including our dresser full of clothes which had been emptied and layed on it's side. They again put 3 de-humidifiers in our appartment, which made it so loud you couldn't even scream at someone. The wall was never opened to check for mold but did eventually crack on the outside, which was mearly spackelled(sp?) and painted over. I am severly allergic to mold and it wasn't a surprise when I started to get sick only days later. <br><br>After contacting the village(who did nothing) and the complex (who did nothing) I had to move out. But we were not let out of our lease or offered another appartment. We eventually hired a lawyer to handle the matter which took months!
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The Towers at Four Lakes

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