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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2011 - 2013
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Office Staff
My husband and I really wanted to love this place. Upon signing our lease we figured the majority of the reviews on different sites were due to more of the reviewers being complainers rather than praisers . We were not planning to live long-term, but rather just an estimated 24 months. Long enough to get married and purchase a home. Pricy? Yes, but we figured we would get what we paid for. We signed a lease for a less than 800sq ft unit for $1070 plus $20 pet rent. In our opinion, this was reasonable for what we were getting in return or what we thought we were getting. However, the $150 increase of our rent after 1 year was not reasonable and after living there for a year we realized all of the headaches were definitely not worth the almost $1300 per month. BEWARE THE PROS DO NOT OUTWEIGH THE CONS To be honest our experience went downhill rather quickly, but we are easygoing and didn t let numerous events get to us but over time the numerous events built up and we were beyond ecstatic to jump ship. Upon moving in, we had an unknown extremely ruthless neighbor who would slip notes under our door regarding television volume threatening to call the police. Please note our unit was an end unit and we did not share a wall with anyone but the trash closet. Also, we do not listen to television loudly and these notes were slipped under our door between the hours of 4pm 6pm on the weekends. How loud can ones television be during these times? In our first few days, we received numerous complaint calls from the office regarding our Chihuahua barking. He was not used to the surroundings and you have to give a dog at least a couple of days to get used to its new environment. I really didn t appreciate the office calling me at work numerous times addressing the complaint --- yes, singular. At one point I received yet another mid-day complaint when my husband was actually at home with the dog, who was not barking. Apparently the people in the office do not investigate complaints because if they did they wouldn t have had to call me at work to let me know my dog was barking because he wasn t. Also, dogs bark. My husband took a video of the floor and the units that contained barking dogs. HELLO it s a dog floor. This is why we paid pet rent and moved to a dog friendly building. Please do not interpret this as an out of control barking dog. This was not the case. So, if you have a dog that barks AT ALL I would rethink moving to the Towers. The backup of our kitchen sink was an ongoing disgusting problem which took weeks for them to finally address the issue and have it rotted by a plumber. It ruined our 4th of July and the problem continued on a less regular basis even after being rotted. Could have been an issue seeing we were an end unit. Regardless it shouldn t take countless service calls before realizing hiring a professional plumber is needed. Our patio door was stuck and would not open and we called for service numerous times. They would fix it and the problem would persist a week or so later. Until one maintenance call when they actually broke the glass in the door and had to special order a new one. This took a month to come in!! We lived with a cardboard patio door for a month in the winter. This was one of the most frustrating experiences for me and after 3 weeks I called the office and there was no sympathy just yet more ignorant behavior. HELLO CLAUSTROPHOBIA! These units are small leaving us with one workable window in the bedroom. Then there was the time that our faulty unit lock failed us. Yes, imagine being woken from your sleep at 2am by a 6ft3 man standing over your bed. YES this happened. Luckily he was drunk and not there for the wrong reason, but he did tell us we were in the wrong house and continued to intimidatingly walk into the living room as my husband swung our bedroom door shut and called 911. The police arrived and saw the door was locked but the intruder was able to wiggle the door opened thinking it was his unit in the other building!!! I still have difficulty sleeping at night. We called the office the next morning complaining and they had little to nothing to say at all. No consoling words nothing. The office had maintenance fix our door lock but it not replace it. Well, my husband locked himself out a few months later and was able to wiggle himself into our unit. SO, another fabulous maintenance fix. If you do decide on moving to the Towers, please rethink and do not get an end unit by the front doors because there is a lot of noise and the smoke from the outside smokers and generator gas drift right into your bedroom window. Not pleasant. We didn t think it through, so can t blame the Towers for that. Also, lots of late night/early morning fire alarms and parking can be a nightmare if you come home after 9:30 on a weekday. Those are just minor things compared to all of the other situations that occurred. Like I said, I don t like to complain . I am sure you have heard of the Flood of Four Lakes . There is no reason for me to get into that here. My only advice do not purchase the insurance they have for sale on the kiosk in the leasing office, because it does not cover anything. Also, if you inquire of flood insurance and your leasing agent tells you that flooding is covered through the building s insurance inquire then of what the hell you are to do if the building floods and you are left homeless for 2 months. My favorite part was the nonstop calling from the office asking me arrange for the removal of our things. They assumed we broke our lease and were giving us a time limit to remove our belongings. You know after being homeless for 2 months. Instead we moved out with a smile 15 days after our welcome home without breaking our lease. Side Note: I suffered extreme headaches the 15 days we were there after the flooding. I have severe mold allergies and there is no way that I believe the mold level is not high in those buildings. Upon moving out we received an invoice for damage due to the carpet. The nerve huh? They invoices us for the replacement of the entire carpet not what they felt was damaged. My husband fought with them, and received a discount. PLEASE DO THE SAME. Don t let yourself get ripped off. There were some Pros such as the shuttle service to the Lisle Train Station. This came in handy when I had to work at our Chicago office location and it was pretty seamless. The maintenance men are all very friendly. The events they hold are subpar but their annual summer BBQ is an event that is a nice touch. In conclusion, this review is from a highly tolerant professional couple who hates to complain.
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Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments. We do appreciate all feedback as it helps us to see where we are performing well and where we need to improve. I am very sad to hear that you were not happy here at The Towers. We take your comments to heart and will strive to improve our maintenance responses. Our ultimate goal is to provide Legendary Customer Service and I am truly sorry that we did not live up to your expectations. I am just sorry that we do not have a chance to make it right since you have already moved out of our community. I would like to address your concern of mold in the buildings. Our residents safety is of the utmost importance which is why we had both buildings tested by an engineering firm to ensure air quality. The report provided confirmation that air quality was safe and there were no signs or concerns of mold caused by flooding. At most, we did have typical construction dust as a result of the restorations taking place.

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The Towers at Four Lakes

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