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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Just like Kristen L., we wanted to love this place. However the love disappeared 2 days after we moved in. The reason : parking. I am surprised none of the previous comments addressed the parking issue...probably because if you come home BEFORE 8:30 pm than you should have no problem finding a good (close to the building) spot to park...otherwise you will have to park by the ski slope area which is pretty far walk and VERY dark at night (no lights to lit the way to the Towers). Not to mention in the winter is going to be very inconvenient. I cannot believe a community as big as The Towers offers just the upper deck as free parking...they have a lower level parking for which you have to pay. If I end up having to pay for my parking than my rent will go over $1150..and for that amount I can get a 1 bdr in Naperville with W & D in unit, plenty of parking and more square footage. I am disappointed because when we toured the community before signing the lease the parking was never presented as an issue...so future potential residents be aware: you won't have close parking any day after 8:30 pm..in the weekend it gets crowded too because residents bring friends who park in the residents spots so if you are coming after a delightful night in town the delight may just go away when you'll have to park by the ski hill and walk back in the dark at night..add to that snow, rain or freezing temps and you'll be cured of wanting to live at The Towers. Breakfast - it is a joke. The lady that prepares the breakfast for BOTH buildings is very nice and everything but she is by herself and she is a little older so she can only do so much. Basically, there are just a few items readily available: bunch of muffins or danishes, 2 medium (not picnic) bowls of fruits, cereals and 1 bottle of milk and 1 bottle of apple juice, coffee. If you want 1 egg (there is a limit of 1 egg per resident ... lol) or toast or some bacon you'll have to stay in line...needless to say that after few days of getting to eat only danishes for breakfast because I ran out of time waiting for my egg or toast :) I got enough of the breakfast offered by the Towers .. be aware there is limiting sitting so you may end up eating standing up... The gym has limited equipment too (2 running tread mills, 1 bicycle, 1 elliptical, 1 weight bench, bunch of weights). While the kitchen is updated, it is very very small..so small that I only have 2 drawers none of which fits my silverware caddy. This kitchen is the typical "don't give a ----" contractor type of kitchen that was put there just so you can say you have a kitchen...whether or not is functional didn't matter to them. There is no business center - they allow you to use the computers in the leasing office but most of the time they are busy working on them. Plus if you need to print something or fax something after office hours you are screwed because the office is locked. On a bright side the office staff has been very nice to us so far. The laundry room never seems to be a problem - there are always washers and dryers available. The residents that have been here for 10 years seem to enjoy living here...or so they say. All I can say is that had I known what I know now (the parking problem, the lack of business center, the ridiculous nonfunctional kitchen with only 2 drawers in the whole kitchen, the fact that you have to pay $1.50 to wash and $1.50 to dry) I wouldn't have signed the lease with the Towers. For the amount I spend on my 1 bedroom $ for parking spot I could have gotten something else in Naperville with plenty of parking and W/D in unit.
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The Towers at Four Lakes Manager


Thank you for taking the time to provide your comments. We do appreciate all feedback as it helps us to see where we are performing well and where we need to improve. I am sorry you are frustrated with the parking. You may or may not be aware, currently our lower level parking garage is under construction and will be opening very soon. Once residents who have spots down in the lower level are able to park there, we will no longer need the overflow parking at the ski hill and it should open up the upper parking deck again. I would really like the opportunity to discuss all of your concerns in this review with you in more detail and personally. I can be reached at 630-964-6800. I hope to hear from you soon.

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The Towers at Four Lakes

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