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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
Someone may have used my name to give a negative review of The Towers, therefore I am writing this so there is no confusion. I recently moved out of the Towers because I was looking for a bigger place and prefer to have my own washer and dryer. Also, I found a roommate to share expenses with so I would be saving more money a month to one day purchase a house or condo. I enjoyed my time here and miss my neighbors and the staff. As most of you know the Towers was hit by the April 18th flood. It was a disaster and chaotic for the people all over the Lisle and surrounding communities. I felt that Sandy, the building manager, was compassionate, helpful, and informative during this time. Sandy took this position a couple months prior to the flood so she was still learning about the community, building, and residents. She always kept us in the loop on updates and progress to the Towers, even if the news was bad news. The building was always kept up prior to the flood and maintenance worked together to get issues fixed within 24-48 hours. Larger issues were fixed immediately. Many people think it is easy to recover from this disaster but it takes time. I felt that the whole team did well before, during, and after the flood. Even though mother nature can drastically change things within seconds, we have yet to find the tools and wisdom to compete with her. One of the things that I appreciated the most is that the staff took the time to know everyone's name. It may seem little, but everywhere else I've been, I was just a tenant with an apartment number. I felt comfortable with the staff and enjoyed visiting them in the office. They always had chocolate chip cookies available and threw some great parties in the summer. Most of the residents are friendly but some did like to take parking spots that weren't theirs. I believe this has cut down since a key card is now needed for the garage. I only had someone in my spot once, but I was told about it later from my neighbor. One of the ways the staff went above and beyond after the flood was by giving me a second place to sleep on the 8th floor. I am a nurse and was working nights after the flood. Since I was on the first floor I was constantly being kept awake during "normal" business hours due to the jackhammer drilling in the garage. My bedtime was about 7:30 AM and I would sleep to about 3:00PM. With the jackhammer, this was impossible for me to do. I expressed my concern to Sandy because I needed my sleep for my own safety and the safety of my patients at night. Sandy gave me the keys to an empty apartment on the 8th floor and had the staff but a mattress and bedding up there for me. This worked out very well and was much appreciated!!!! Prior to having the spare apartment I had forgotten to give my dog her bed when I left for work, due to being exhausted from no sleep. Unfortunately the dog barked all night, which woke up many of my neighbors. This was not a normal behavior for my dog because I had worked nights all year and there were never any complaints. I came home to find a nasty note on my door from the neighbor down the hall. Instead of coming to me and letting me know there was a problem, she put a large note on my door so the entire building was able to see it. Something tells me she is the "Cindy" that wrote the negative review under my name. Cindie from Apartment 108 building 5800
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The Towers at Four Lakes

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