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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2004 - 2014
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I've been renting at The Towers at Four Lakes for about 10 years. I'm pretty much at the rent cap, so it's harder to find a reason to move when my rent will jump $200. It's a nice community. Most of the people here are friendly. But, underneath, it's aggravating as hell. 1) Parking Parking at Four Lakes is ridiculous if you don't pay for it. And in the evenings, it's almost impossible to have company over because there's noplace for them to park that doesn't involve a long LONG walk. There was a flood last year and they don't have backup generators onsite (not that it would have helped at the time). So when the power goes off, the sump pumps go down. And several dozen people had cars on their lower level flooded out. Still, backup generators would have bought people time to at least move some of the cars. Also, I understand why the side entrances to the garage were built with ramps (for trash bin pickup) but it's a highway for flood waters. 2) Air conditioning If you're someone who likes to keep their apartment cool, beware. DO NOT take an apartment with a south or west facing. I'm on the south side of my building and my apartment is an oven. Also, is NOT under your control. It's turned on in late may and turned off in late August. If your apartment is 100 degrees? Tough. And, with the cantilevered windows, you have no way of installing an air conditioning unit (nor would you be allowed to if there was). And during the winter, if you need to cool off your apartment? Crack your windows and put a fan in the window. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. 3) Hot water. If you're a person who refuses to take a freezing cold shower, prepare for your monthly water use to skyrocket. Usually it takes 3-5 minutes (not seconds, MINUTES) for water to warm up. And you have to turn it on to "scalding" and leave it run before that happens. 4) Elevators. Now the elevators in this place were rather flaky before the aforementioned flood. Since, our building has been down to one elevator most of the time. Since we got back in June of 2013, one of the elevators has almost CONSTANTLY been down. They've had repair crews out here regularly, the elevator would be working again, and by that evening, would cease functioning. 5) Fire alarms. Not really Four Lakes' fault, but every few months, we have some idiot burn something up in their apartment, which sets off the alarms (one of the few things that works perfectly) and requires evacuation of the building. It's almost like clockwork. And at all hours of the day. 6) Washing machines. They went from a filler card (put the card in, put money on it) to direct pay via a wireless credit card kiosk. If you, at all, distrust something like this, avoid it. Also, the washing machines are on the smaller side (if you want to wash comforters and stuff you have to go to a local coin-op facility instead). People don't monitor their loads, and the state of some of the machines is positively grotesque. 7) TV/Internet Hope you like AT&T DSL. Because it's about your only option. You're not allowed to install equipment on the building yourself. So you can't get satellite. They tossed Comcast out of here a few years back, and turned over the cable network in the building to some horrifically stupid fly-by-night called Suite Solutions (Google them and see the complaints). They basically resell you satellite TV (at a markup) and an AT&T DSL line (again, at a markup). So if you're one of those people who's hoping for a 25/50/100Mbit connection at home, DO NOT RENT HERE! 8) Online payment of bills. Okay, they provide you with an option to pay your rent online. Great. But there's a STUPIDLY large surcharge (not $5-10, more like $35!) That's insane! You can schedule payments with most banks for FREE! They're too stupid to maintain a simple merchant account, so they rely on a service who's trying to take their residents for a ride...
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The Towers at Four Lakes

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