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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2016 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The good.. nice community and activities. Nice looking apartments. Apartment is pretty sound proof and quiet with higher than standard ceilings. Compared to the few other towers in this area, the price is decent (although rent keeps going up each time I renew). The landscaping here is wonderful, as well. Pretty comfortable apartment. The front desk is very helpful and kind. I also like that you have your own private mailboxes. The location for this place is also prime. It's located right next door to a movie theater, pretty close to the highway, and a BUNCH of nice restaurants. You really can't go wrong with the location here. The bad.. building fire alarms. You might have heard about this on other reviews. It's annoying that some prankster keeps pulling the building fire alarm every 2 or so months at around 3-4am on a work night. Ridiculous. I suspect they enter in through the back stairway entrance (which is partly open about half the time!!). All someone needs to do is sneak in through that door and pull the alarm. All they need to do is fix that door so it closes all the time, but they don't do anything about it. The parking situation is sometimes pretty bad here. Good luck trying to find a spot at night. You'll need to park way over in the volleyball courts for a spot if you want to park your car. If you want a guaranteed spot, be prepared to fork over quite a bit if you want a guaranteed spot. Can't really blame them for this one, but the air conditioning is bad building design. They use a centralized system to push air conditioned air throughout the building. It's good that I won't get charged a big electric bill for using it, but the system isn't great. Basically it's either on or off. There is no timer, and the temperature control in the units don't work. If everyone else is out and you're the only one using it, all that air is basically routed to your apartment and your place will either feel like a sauna or a freezer. To turn it on/off, you need to manually walk over and control it yourself. Very annoying. All they need to do is upgrade the air control systems in each apartments to allow tenants to control the air flow and timing... but they've left the old system in place for a long time. Now to the ugly.. the internet and cable TV is REALLY REALLY BAD here. If it's raining, be prepared for all of that to cut off frequently. It's a complete joke. I'm paying $50 a month for "platinum" internet speeds (platinum being 5mbps speeds, which is just below average) and the internet keeps cutting in and out constantly. I work in IT, so I know all of this is not on my end. Sometimes I work from home and I can't even log on to work sometimes because of this horrid internet. They've done nothing to fix this and defer to "Suite Solutions" who basically use Dish's service to overcharge you on everything. You're forced to use this provider. Everything you buy from that provider is Dish price x 2. I believe they even got sued because Dish set up all their cabling, then they allowed Suite Solutions to come in and call it all their own - that's some pretty underhanded, shady stuff right there. This alone is causing me to move somewhere else because my livelihood depends on the internet here.
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The Towers at Four Lakes

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