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The Towers at Four Lakes



Resident · 2018 - 2020
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Office Staff
Not only have I dealt with severe maintenance issues with this apartment, the staff didn't seem to show any sincerity when dealing with my issues: 1. MAINTENANCE: I had the apartment above mine flood this past year and it leaked through to my unit (see link: 57667333?s=21) Then after that they just came and painted over the water spots (didn't seal it or fix the cracks or anything). 2. PARKING: I once had my car towed from my own apartment complex. Granted, I was in a striped spot, BUT that's only because there were no remaining parking spaces. Rather than having cars towed that DIDN'T HAVE PARKING PASSES, they towed mine... 3. HEATING: If you are in any unit that gets even a little sun, you better hope that it's not warm out after they turn the heat on, because you WILL need to open windows. It was 72 degrees this past November, and I had to sleep at my boyfriend's house because they didn't understand that you can turn the heat off and just leave the fan running (or maybe they just didn't want to put in the extra effort). But I have no control over that bs. 4. CONSTRUCTION: Not only did they do construction on our entire parking garage this summer (where most of us had to park half a mile away and walk home). Now they're also doing construction on the unit above mine, and guess what - it's ------- LOUD. I'm working from home right now and reached out to the leasing office to see when the construction would be over (since they gave me no notice that it was even going to happen), and I assumed it would only be for a day or two. Nope, turns out it's going to be 4-5 WEEKS!!! Plus, they didn't apologize for not telling me or for the inconvenience. (see pictures below) HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS DAMN LEASE SOONER?!?!
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The Towers at Four Lakes

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