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BAILCO_SUCKS • Resident 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2004
First the address posted on this site is INCORRECT!!! The following is the actual address of Bail Co.<br><br>21 West Church<br>Mascoutah, IL 62258<br>618-566-8551 (the telephone number did not change)<br><br>Secondly, I would like to say that whom ever wrote the "awesome landlord" review had to be someone that works for the company which explains the "annonymous" username entry!!!! These are the worst, most unethical bunch/so-called company I have ever encountered. In addition, the OVERALL rating that is displayed when you first enter the site does absolutely no justice as to how terrible these people are. Every aspect would be a 1 rating if it were not for the "anonymous" rating!! PLEASE PAY ATTENTION AND BEWARE BEFORE RENTING FROM THEM (BAIL CO. OF MASCOUTAH, IL) AND BE PREPARED TO MOVE INTO A DIRTY HOME!<br><br>I still rent from Bail Co. (Sept. 2004) and doing this review for the sake of other renters! <br><br>PLEASE IF YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS PLEASE UTILIZE THEM!!!!<br><br>I am a current renter and have experienced numerous problems with them. NO ONE AT BAIL CO. GIVES A CRAP ABOUT OUR FAMILY'S NEEDS OR CONCERNS NOR DO THEY CARE ABOUT THE MAINTENANCE OF THEIR HOMES!!!!! They do not fix problems that are mandantory...I really do not know how the house that I am living passed inspection...I think it had to be someone that the company knows or that will benefit from oking the inspection. In addition, the house WAS FILTHY, DISGUSTING, AND DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY when we moved in. Things that were supposed to done before we moved in were not done and majority still have not been done. <br><br>I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO CONTACT A LAWYER AND DISCUSS WITH THEM MY RIGHTS AND if they try to keep my deposit for no obvious reason, I AM TAKING THEM TO COURT AND SUING FOR THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT. I am not sure if people know that they can do that but they can. I have pictures before, during and will take some right before I move out for proof. I WOULD ADVISE EVERY TENANT TO DO SO AS WELL.<br><br>In conclusion I WOULD NEVER EVER TELL ANY ONE TO DO BUSINESS OF ANY KIND WITH THIS COMPANY!!! <br><br>THEY ARE TRUE SLUM LORDS!!!
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