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Gaines Apartments



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
First of all let me say that when I first moved there I would hang out with them cause I knew some of the staff, so I think I've seen more than most when it comes the apts. The place has bedbugs and roaches bad, and it has for years. But to my understanding roaches eat bedbugs so you should only have one or the other. I quit going there cause every time I step in that place my skin starts crawling, I can't tell if it's from me freaking out or if there are bugs crawling up my legs. That place should have been torn down a long time ago. There is a whole section of that place that is closed off becuase the roof has collapsed. The roof leaks, and instead of having it fixed they set up buckets to catch the water. Then they expect the maintenance crew to come over and empty them every two hours (even at 3 a.m.), and they don't get paid for it, and still have to be at work at 6 a.m. Where the main electric is coming into the building is located underground and it leaks so ever time it rains the water level rises above all the electrical equipment. HUGE fire hazard. The maintenance crew isn't too bad, the management staff is unreal. The head mgmt is Dawn Gains. She drinks and does meth heavily. She will accept meth for rent(I don't do that stuff), but be carefullcause if she is out she will use her key to get into your apt and not leave untill you give her some more. She is nasty. This one time (not at band camp) she went out drinking, and threw-up all over her self. This was on a Friday, on Sunday I went to her apt to check on her and she had not had a shower and had not even bothered to change her clothes. Nasty. She locks her dog in her apt for days at a time then beats him when he pees in there. And she has been known to beat on people's door demanding rent before it is due. Why? She needs money for meth. The rest of the mgmt staff (Gains family) is not much better, the apple has not fallen from the tree very far at all. Oh, and they are also very incompetent. They will hand out eviction notices (for late rent) to people that have already paid their rent. Few people get their deposit back, and don't be suprised if they make up random stuff to charge you extra money for. They've got a huge list of lawsuits against them. This place attracts all kinds of crazy people. When I was living there, there was this guy who thought he was a billy-bada**-----. He had aids and would get drunk and go up and down the halls trying to fight anybody (I don't want aids blood on me), and none of the staff ever did anything about it. If you really want to rent from them get one of their trailers. You will still have to deal with the crazy people/staff, but you wont have to deal with the bugs, leaks, and fire hazards (for the most part). But they are in crappy condition too, and their will most likely be 2-3 sex offenders there at all times. If I could only afford to rent from the Gains, I would rent a storage shed and live in there
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Gaines Apartments

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