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Boulder Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
OUTSPOKEN • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/04/2005
First of all, somebody needs to tell the office manager, Andrea, that if you don't like people, you shouldn't work in an apartment complex office. <br><br>Second of all, an issue with one of the more "popular" maintenance men ... well let's say if you keep your pants on, when he wants you to take them off, you can turn your hopes "off", as far as ever getting anything fixed, at least properly, or in a timely fashion, ever again.<br><br>Third, the management has "favorites". And if you're not one of them, well, I'll leave the rest of that one for you to figure out if you don't just take my word on it. :)<br><br>Fourth, there was "grafitti" on ALL storage units in the cottages. From A-H , somebody wrote a 'bad - more so pornographic' word that began with each letter, on the doors. Management not only ignored this request to be fixed, but worse off, it is still there since July 05'. <br><br>Fifth, there was a broken bottle from one of the landscaping guys in our "backyard" - and mgmt told us that it wasn't their problem. I often found very long, big nails laying around right outside my back door, and the grass might as well not exist.<br>(One of MANY instances I -- and neighbors -- had the response "it's not our problem" to)<br><br>Okay so I need to say more than five....<br><br>WATER BUGS, ants, boxelders, & rolly poly bugs -- IF YOU LIKE THEM, THEN YOU'LL LOVE LIVING HERE! <br>--------------and if you complain about them, they will act like they have never heard a complaint about them before. Just ask anybody that's lived there, or still lives there. That's all the proof you need. They will send the exterminator once a month. He will do the same treatment, that doesn't work, every time. Have fun!<br><br>Oh, and as in another review, if your A/C goes out, you might as well buy some more fans cuz it won't get fixed. <br><br>And since the buildings are ancient, expect almost everything that can fall apart, to fall apart, along with everything you didn't even know something could go wrong with, it'll break too. Then when you seem to be calling every week to get something fixed, the mgmt makes it notably clear that you are annoying them, and make sure you are aware that you are becoming a big pain in their a$$, like it's YOUR fault that the apartments are crappy and old and falling apart. <br><br>HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!<br><br>But, on the upside, the cottages have a big front yard, and also a front & back door. <br><br>Oh, and if you live in the cottages you just might encounter junk cars being in the closest parking spot to your back door, that of course, nothing will be done about, just like everything else.<br><br>Way too over priced for what you (don't) get.<br><br>I am counting down the days until I can get the hell out of here!!! <br><br>**SMILE!** Have a great day!<br><br>
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Boulder Hill Apartments

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