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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2018
ITS NOT WORTH IT! Where to even start..... I have lived here for a few years and I absolutely cannot wait to leave this place. Yes, the place looks and feels wonderful at first, but BEWARE..... Once you sign that lease things will change real fast. The staff are real nice at first waiting for you to take the bait and sign. I have personally witnessed the staff be nice to other Tenants' faces and the second the tenant leaves the office the staff are immediately gossiping and talking down on them. I can't tell you how many times I have seen both the maintenance staff and the office staff be all out Rude to tenants for no apparent reason. To hear them gossiping about their tenants in front of other tenants is enough to turn me off of the place. I can't speak for you Mr. Stewart because I have never one time seen you on the premises. (It might do you some good to actually listen to the ratings on your staff and their behavior when you're not around instead of getting defensive as I have read in other posts. Not everyone is out to get you, but rather are seeking a better experience and to be treated better by your staffing without red flaggin themselves for whistle-blowing) I imagine people want to remain Anonymous for fear of retaliation or slander thrown their way for speaking up. The one time in the few years that I have been here that you were rumored to be visiting, your staff franticly went around trying to make things appear "okay" on the outside and running into tenants apartments and charging them for crazy things they needed to fix "for the boss before he see's anything". To make matters worse I have personally witnessed them enjoy taking advantage of tenants. While hanging out in the lounge area outside the main office, I witnessed a gentlemen come in and ask both women for your information so that he may contact you about charges on move out that he felt were no unfair and false. They both laughed at him and said "we are not authorized to give you corporate or Stewart's number, and we can always charge you for some more things if you'd like" and they laughed. Of course he left upset, and you guessed it…… the second he leaves here they are laughing about it and saying that "he is lucky we don't charge him for other things because we can do that, we will just write it in". This is not okay and should NEVER be happening! This apartment complex truly does NICKEL and DIME you for absolutely anything they feel they can get away with. Mr. Stewart, please take what your tenants are trying to tell you seriously and address this unprofessionalism and extortion. Either this goes on behind your back or you know about it and just don't care. You can change the energy here if you listen to what people are saying.
Cape Cod Village Apt Manager05/24/2018

Hi Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent experience. We are disappointed to hear that you are not satisfied with your stay with us. And you're right, usually I don't answer individual complaints, as 99 percent of the owners in the U. S. don't...we have hired very professional staff-I'm sorry you didn't have a positive view of them, I get compliments weekly on them. I wish you the best in your new place of residence.

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