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Orion Parkview

1821 West Golf Road

Mount Prospect, IL 60056



Former Resident · 2001 - 2016
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Office Staff
These people are Pure Evil. Vicious, vindictive Evil. Poisonous, toxic, hostile atmosphere I had lived there peacefully for 14 years, never late on rent. Rent for the large 2 bedroom apartment was $1100 and did not increase. Appliances and fixtures were old, from the 80's, but it was solid and a good value. Then, January, 2015, is when the place was bought out by this distant mega-corporation called Home Properties from Rochester, New York and renamed Park Grove Apartments (formerly Mansions). That was when the nightmare began. The nightmare came to a conclusion when a notice was posted on my door from the property manager Donna The Hun (Skercrow) informing me that my lease would not be renewed. So at 67 years old, this Senior Citizen had 60 days to find a new place to live and move all his belongings. So what went wrong? The problems began as soon as Home Properties bought the place. - I sent an email to them with some suggestions for improvement and to improve the quality of life for tenants. The Hun responded that she had pulled my tenant file for review and that my apartment would be targeted for inspection. I replied that it had already been "inspected" and singling me out like that would be considered harassment. I heard nothing more. - Feb 2015 I was offered renewal. I accepted and signed a new lease with them in April, 2015. They would now start additional billing for utilities: water, sewer and trash. - March 2015 I received an email from their bookkeeper demanding a additional $13 "Village Fee." They did not inform me of this at signing, it was not stipulated in the lease and I refused to pay. I later found out that this is actually a tax on landlords. - I had been paying rent online. They added this "fee" to the account, but I reduced my payment to the rent according to the lease. After two months, they locked my out of the online account. So I paid by check - which can only be done by dropping it off inside their office during the day - "business hours." They returned my check with cover sheet demanding full payment. I went back to their office and deposited the same check. A week later it cleared the bank. - Then they decided to replace the windows. Three of four I had no issue with. I informed them I have shelves in front of the living room window that could not be moved. A series of email exchanges ensued. The final email threatened that their goons would remove all my shelves and personal property and I would have to put it all back myself. I also received an email from Regional Manager Diane The Drone to let them know by the end of the day if I would like to move out. This time I gave in to their threats, spent FOUR hours disassembling my shelves because I would be gone for the day and would not be there to protect my property. Such remodelling goes way beyond the scope of what is considered repair. But they think they can do anything they want and harass tenants to get their way. - On October 2, 2015 their people entered my apartment to inspect the cabinets and appliances. They did not tell me of any complaints - except for the mold in the shower which they would take care of. They never came back. - On February 28, 2016 a notice was posted on my door signed by Donna The Hun that my lease would not be renewed. You can draw your own conclusions about their motives. - They then canceled autopay on my final month without notice and charged a late fee! - Wanted to charge me $800 MORE AFTER I moved out! Then, eight months later - not hearing from them - I get hounded by some collections company from (East Coast) Took all security deposit even though I left apartment pristine clean. Then if you do not succumb to their extortion they put it on your credit report so you will be unable to rent elsewhere. Common issues: - Skyrocketing rents - Doubled garage rates from $100 to $200 - TEN PERCENT late fee Even if you are just one day late! - The apartments themselves are nothing special, just ordinary boxes. - Decrepit, ancient, broken down appliances. Old, outdated fixtures. - Exorbitant electric bills. Ancient, broken down heating/air conditioners.One month my bill was $275 - NO garbage disposals - They force you to sign a document agreeing to their onerous parking rules to get parking tag - otherwise you car WILL get towed - Parking is a nightmare. Totally inadequate for the numbers of apartments and vehicles present. - 10 visitors' spaces for 198 apartments - The Parking lots flood and water gets into the cars! My car was flooded twice. - There is an INDOOR swimming pool that WAS open year-round under old owners; now only open in summer! - NO outdoor grilling allowed - Black mold - Laundry machines: Use cards BUT can only add money by going to their office during "business hours." - Pond attracts Canadian geese that poop all over. If they can throw a 67-year-old Senior Citizen out on the street, they will screw over anybody. You have been warned.
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Orion Parkview Manager


We regret to hear that you had a negative experience . We hope since the new management change and property enhancements your experience has improved.

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Orion Parkview

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