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Orion Parkview

1821 West Golf Road

Mount Prospect, IL 60056



Resident · 2013 - 2016
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Office Staff
This is my third year here, and I am really regretting singing with the new management. I was here, because the rent was decent, and the water was included. Now I have to pay a higher rent, trash , water, sewer,and whatever the "service" fee is. The garbage is always overflowing, and they do not offer recycling. You can only have one vehicle ,per person on the lease. There is only 4 guest parking spots, for a building with like over 100 people in it. The walls and ceiling are also paper thin. I know when he is awake because I can him talk, and I can even hear his phone vibrate. I am up at 6 am every morning, because that is when the upstairs neighbor gets up. I had parked over the line, when trying to save a visitor spot, because there is never any available. They towed me. Yes even if you live here, and have a tag, they will tow you! There are only 4 washers and driers, and there is always at least one of each down. The lower level smells like a musty old basement. I have had to call about my toilet leaking water 3 times. The last time I called I told them there is water all over my floor and it wont stop running. The lady on the phone said this is an emergency, and someone will be there that day. The maintenance guy calls me says "okay I will be there tomorrow". So apparently your toilet leaking water everywhere nonstop is not an emergency. There is also an issue with bugs. I had an issue with ants and called right away, and they said they will have someone come look maybe a week later. Another time I had earwigs constantly coming into the house. I saw some on the windowsill and opened the window to fling it out. It was like a horror movie...at least 50 of them all in the edge of the window screen. There has been a dead bug on the heater in the hall way for weeks. It is very cold, in the winter, so very high electric bills! I had complained that my air conditioners were letting air in. Like a breeze through the giant gaps between the wall and the unit. They came in and duck-tapped it. Well I guess if you cant duck it then %*#* it! Look at the pics. Run away!
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Orion Parkview Manager


We regret to hear that you had a negative experience . We hope since the new management change and property enhancements the overall experience has improved.

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Orion Parkview

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