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Orion Parkview

1821 West Golf Road

Mount Prospect, IL 60056



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
NOT WORTH YOUR MONEY OR TIME. The night my fiance and I moved in there were vermin scratching inside our walls. We couldn't sleep. We called maintenance and they came two days later. The man patched up the hole in the exterior of our apartment where the squirrels were coming in. He didn't patch it properly because we heard the scratching again. Next time he patched the hole with metal plates. Unfortunately, he trapped a few squirrels in our walls. We had to listen to the squirrels scratching and starving to death for two weeks. The property manager should have called vermin control to come kill them. I was scared to death that they would scratch their way through our walls and come into our apartment. At one point they were even in the AC unit. This is a huge health problem, as well as a safety concern because they could have chewed through electrical wires. Another issue that became a problem for SEVERAL MONTHS was the locks on the doors to get into our apartment building. Despite having two keys that should have worked properly, my fiance and I had to struggle (and basically pick lock) our way into our building every single day. I know several neighbors who had similar issues. We never experienced this issue being resolved. The apartment is extremely outdated. Our stove is old, and the black paint is chipping off it. At times it won't light, and we have to use a match to light it - which isn't safe. The bathroom is poorly ventilated, so every time we shower the bathroom becomes streaked with mold, which we have to clean often. This unit is certainly NOT worth $1300/month. We were lied to before moving in, being told that there was a washer/dryer in the unit. Upon moving in, we discovered that we did not have a washer/dryer in unit. The washers/dryers in our building are for common use, and they were extremely expensive. Also, for several months one of the three dryers did not work properly, leaving our clothes soaking wet. We moved into the unit in March. By the end of May, the weather was severely hot. We turned on our AC units but they were not putting out any cold air. We told the property manager, and asked if they could come fix the air filters. She told us that we had to change the filters ourselves. Now, we moved in while there was still snow on the ground. The first time we turned on the AC unit in the living room, a warning came on that the filter needed to be changed. This could only mean that the filter needed to be changed BEFORE we moved in. How are WE responsible for changing it? But, of course, the property manager didn't care. She also told us that being on the third floor, the vents to our AC unit needed to be opened by maintenance. We asked her to send them out. TWO WEEKS LATER maintenance came by to open the vents. They had expected us to live in sweltering heat for two weeks straight. After two days my fiance was tired of not being able to sleep at night, and went and bought an AC unit from Walmart. When maintenance did come by, they opened the vents, but did not change the filter. While they were in my apartment, I also told them about the fire hazard sitting right in my bedroom - the AC unit plug in could not be plugged in completely, leaving A LOT of exposed metal. I told them that this was very unsafe and I did not feel comfortable turning on the AC unit in the bedroom. I showed them the plug, and they said, "Okay, just don't turn it on and tell the property manager about it before you move out." WHAT?! Absolutely ridiculous! Other issues the day we moved in: two bulbs in our bathroom were burned out; the apartment smelled very strongly of curry. Also, there are cigarette burns in our bathroom cabinets. Back in March, maintenance mentioned that we aren't allowed to have our bikes on our deck. I asked him where to put them. There is no bike rack provided outside our apartment building, and the apartment unit is too small to store two bikes inside. He told me, "There is a storage room near the laundry room. You need to put them there. Everyone else puts their bikes there as well." My fiance and I moved them to the ground floor, and chained them up in the storage room that he EXPLICITLY told us to put them in. Months go by and there are no problems. In June, we discover our bikes are missing, as well as all the other bikes. We asked the ladies in the office where they were. They told us the bikes were taken because they were a fire hazard. We told the property manager that we were TOLD to put our bikes there. One of our neighbors was told by the OFFICE WORKERS to put her son's bike there. My bike was worth $600 and my fiance's was worth $200, plus they broke through our lock. The property manager said they confiscated it and THREW THE BIKES OUT! We were never notified! If they had told us to move the bikes, we WOULD HAVE! We have asked for compensation of $800, but have not received a proper reply. There are many children without bikes now too!
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We regret to hear that you had a negative experience . We hope since the new management change and property enhancements the overall experience has improved.

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Orion Parkview

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