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bofe • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/16/2012
Staff was nice, but manager and regional manger not so nice. If you have animals and plan on not owing any money at the end of your lease, your fooling yourself (300.00 per animal). This money you pay up front is taken by AMLI and is used for landscaping fee's and dog areas they have. They don't spend that much money for landscaping cost, they find the lowest bid and sign a contract. You only put up 150.00 for deposit and if the dog has one or 20 accidents, you'll still owe money at the end !!! Example, if your dog has a accident in the living room, they will charge you for that area ( which I understand ) but will charge you for the family room too. They give you a check list to follow, we did, and the apartment was very clean, but because of a few stains, and using a black light to see the hidden stains( which I wasn't there to see that done ) you will still owe them money at the end !!! They gave us a option on this check list to have them clean your apartment or you do it yourself, but don't give you the option to have your own carpet people come in and do it for cheaper then what they charge you for it. So if you have animals and they haven't gotten sick ever or you came home to late to let them out ( haven't met one owner yet that hasn't had a accident free animal ) Don't clean the carpets, because your wasting your money!!!! I hope this helps somebody from renting here !! Oh, I forgot the ant problem we had, that couldn't be really fixed, but still had to pay our full amount of rent. The regional manager stated that she would not mind as a women if she had to pee on a toilet seat that had ants on it, come on, this was b/s in my eyes. So if you decide to rent, be mindful of the problems you may face !!!! Don't want to take away anything from the Naperville area, the downtown area is very nice too, just find another complex to rent from !!!!
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