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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/20/2012
I've lived at worst places, but that's not saying much. First off, the property management firm is as greedy and shady as they come. Be careful not to be late for rent by even a day because they have software that tracks your entire rental history that other property management firms can see, whether what is stated in your history is true or false, you are going to have a problem trying to move from here. Second, the shower has terrible water pressure, so plan to take an 45 minute shower just to feel clean, but this is only countered by the fact that you may not be in the shower very long in the winter, because 85 percent of the time your shower temperature will be tepid or out and out cold. Third, they do not pay any attention to the size of the dogs at AMLI or whether they are tame. I've seen huge dogs that are easily 95 pounds and no one ever says or does anything about this. There are also tenants that don't leash them. Also, it is not required for the owner to have even mild control of the dog. In fact, one new tenant has a dog that is pretty vicious, when I've seen it being walked. Fourth: It is not that safe either. A week after moving in there was a drug bust downstairs with Naperville police officers putting a gun to a guy's head on the ground in the parking area. In the time I've been here, there have been loud parties and fights in the next door apartment three times, and when you call the office people to tell them about it, they ALWAYS have an excuse for the owner and dismiss it. Cars have been broken into and recently there was a fight right outside of a ground floor apartment where the apartment was completely trashed from the sliding glass patio door to the planters on the patio. Fifth: This apartment complex is a far cry from luxury. Luxury denotes upgraded stainless steel appliances and upgraded cabinets, for which AMLI has none of them. I firmly believe they use the advertisement of "luxury" so they can charge a high rent (and they do renew leases for $100 more in rent)for a standard, mediocre apartment. Someone here wrote about retaliation when you complain. I kept getting notices outside my door shortly after complaining about the neighbor's parties that said I had left garbage outside my door, which never EVER happens, I always toss my garbage in the compactor. And finally, the windows are not sealed very well and constantly leak a lot of cold air into the bedroom, so you are always freezing no matter how much you turn up the heat.
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