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Thornberry Woods



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desidarlin19 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
I would just like anyone and EVERYONE to know what absolute pieces of CRAP Thornberry Woods Apartments are! <br><br>These over priced, under constructed apartments are made to look oh so pretty to impress your friends and family, ample parking for the most part and you get to do your laundry "in house" in the HUGE bathroom in the main living area...<br><br>So. What.<br><br>I have had a better living experience in a mustard yellow applianced, 20yr old carpeted w/ cement underneath it, under dated 2 bedroom 2 bath $800 a month Naperville apartment! <br><br>If the paper thin CRACKING walls, the sliding glass door thats been worked on and STILL doesn't lock, and the absolute CRAP construction of the apartment isn't enough...we've had little to NO hot water for weeks and now in this WICKED cold that we are so fortunate to experience...no heat.<br><br>I'll venture as far to say NO heat for this reason. For three days our heat has been set at 80. 80 f-ing degress...I'll be GOD DAMNED if our thermostat has gotten ANY warmer than 64. SIXTY-FOUR DEGREES!! Tell me why...a building constructed like 5 years ago and being a SECOND FLOOR apartment (Heat DOES rise correct?!?!) we have NONE! <br><br>The constant flow of cold air pouring into our apartment thru our virtually UN-insulated and "scotch tape" adhered windows are no match to the few vents we have pumping heat thru our 1152 sq ft apartment! <br><br>If you would like to find an apartment experience that even ranks MEDIOCRE at very best...DO NOT attempt Thornberry Woods. You're money can be MUCH better spent! <br><br>A coke habit would be money better spent (AND better FOR you!) then residing in these apartments!<br><br>
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Thornberry Woods

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