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Woodridge Townhomes



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WoodridgeSUCKS • Resident 2003 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2003
This has been the most horrible place I have ever lived and the management does not have a human bone in their body. All they care about is money and notice, the good reviews are usually anonymous. The cheapest appliances and fixtures are used to "fix" everything, when all they do is break again. A moldy smell fills the place when you open the basement door and they refuse to replace the carpets because the short fat maintenance man with an ego says he canýt smell anything. I wonder what kind of place he lives in? And itýs not the washer and dryer thatýs causing the smell, it actually makes it better when the dryer is on w/ dryer sheets. (And they send their "own contractors" in to "check things out," imagine that!) They must have a similar "understanding" with them as they do with the famous Bloomington/Normal towing company. My roommate has a fatal disease that has a lot to do with your respiratory system and they still refuse to replace the carpets and clean the black mold from our bathrooms! They told us we should spend money on a dehumidifier or just switch rooms???? Does that help? The lady at the desk then proceeded to tell me I was a baby and would not talk to me...how professional! My seven-year-old sister would handle it better. All over a measly carpet...cheap skates!! And they told me paying the rent has nothing to do with it?? Shouldnýt they keep up property that people pay to live in? <br><br><br>Are black spots under white tile normal around toilets? Do you have that in your house? They also automatically charge you $40 to replace 4, $2 stove covers, that you can get from Wal-Mart, from your deposit at the end of your lease! I have never seen such money hungry hillbillies! <br><br><br>And why does the management stay and drive around till the late hours of the night when the office closes at 5 PM? Ah yes, to make money with good olý Joeýs Towing! How low can you get? What losers, donýt they have a family? You canýt have any more than a few people on your property or you will be fined. Donýt plan on having your friends over b/c your parking will get taken away or theyýll stick their hands in your pocket...AGAIN! They treat you like trash and will walk all over you if they can! I would suggest you rent from Ridge Rental Management if you want to live in hell while you already have enough stress with school and would like to feel uncomfortable in your own apartment.
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Woodridge Townhomes

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