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Woodridge Townhomes



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cdgipso • Resident 2002 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2004
It started out ok..we filled out the usual forms and payed the deposit. We wrote down everything we found in the apartment. At the end of our first lease, having signed another year long lease we were told that we could just forgo the filling out all the damage forms. We could just use the ones that were already on file. That is what we did. <br> <br>Over break one day, I was asleep in bed. And they just walked in and gave a tour of the apartment. Another time, they gave a tour and then called me afterwards to tell me that people were coming down. <br> <br>Repairs take forever, I had to hound the maintenance man to fix our stove after one of the burners shorted and caused burn holes in the laminate floor. I explained this to them. We still got charged for the burn holes. Next tennant will more than likely get charged the same. <br> <br>I was nearly electrocuted when I plugged something into a faulty outlet. There was a little smoke/fire involved with that incident. The maintenance guy/manager looked at me as if I was an idiot for plugging a fan into an outlet. <br> <br>We were also charged for a tear in the screen in out kitchen. When the one time they trimmed the bush out front, they cut the screen..very small tear unnoticable, yet we get fined for it. <br> <br>We got fined for the bathroom sink that was damaged. Does the fact that we wrote the problem down when we moved in, they never fixed it and yet charged us. <br> <br>We also wrote down a patch of carpet that had something spilled on it, probally wax, and when we moved out we got charged for it, even though we had wrote it down on the initial damage form when we moved in. <br> <br>Oh and parking, I would recommend duct taping the sticker to your window. Because if the crappy static sticker falls off you will be charged for that too. <br> <br>Overall, we paid 400 dollars in deposits. We were charged for stuff that came out to where we owed nearly 3.40 a piece. <br> <br>If you rent from them be prepared to be treated like trash. Oh yeah, remember to use dark garbage bags it is the rule, even thouhg the management office uses light colored ones. I can continue but I refuse to. Over all we were screwed out of everything. <br>Do not rent from them unless you have time/money/ and a good lawyer.
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Woodridge Townhomes

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