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Woodridge Townhomes



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Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2005
If you are looking to rent in Woodridge, you have essentially two options: Ridge Rental (RRM) or Ken Witte - although a few individual owners manage a limited number of their own properties (ALSO SCROLL DOWN FOR WOODRIDGE NEED TO KNOWS). Ken Witte is by far the better option (he now owns 60 or so of the units - and counting). I am still currently a tennant, and have never seen someone respond so quickly to any problem we might be experiencing - since he lost his day job, he has nothing to do besides make sure his tennants are happy. He might tell you there's nothing he can do, but at least you get an explanation in those cases. He cleans the apartments himself before you move in, and does not pull a "bait-and-switch" on prospective tennants. <br><br>Ridge Rental, on the other hand, showed my neighbors one clean apartment, assuring them that they are all the same; RRM then rented them a filthy unit in which soiled mattresses and shoddy furniture were piled everywhere - a real Ridge Rental welcome. What's even more dangerous is the security deposit they had to pay on this place; I sincerely hope that the pictures they took documenting the move-in condition were enough to get them every penny back after they moved out. <br><br>People have already posted enough about the horrors of RRM, so I won't elaborate further on my neighbors' plight. Instead, here are the Woodridge "Need-to-Knows":<br><br>- the units are independently owned (many are just managed by RRM or other owners such as Ken Witte<br>- all tennats are subject to some bogus rules that are not in your lease; rather, you are handed the complex's policies when you pick up your parking sticker<br>- these rules include NO furniture, bikes, or anything else allowed on your front porch<br>- only "outdoor" furniture is allowed on your back porch; garbage cans must be kept out back or inside the unit; they prefer you drag the cans across your carpet twice a week over keeping them out front where trash is picked up<br>- only one parking pass is issued per resident, and residents are not allowed to use a roommate's unused pass for a second vehicle<br>- each unit, regardless of number of bedrooms, has two parking spots out front - a number of unmarked spaces are available for the extra vehicles<br>- guests must park outside the complex; there is no guest parking within Woodridge<br>- yes, the skunks are BAAAAAAAAAD<br>- about two to three times a week, parties ranging from BET one night to MTV the next (or sometimes concurrently) run loud and late into the night; they tend to be more frequent in the back corner of the complex<br>- people occasionally get full of liquid courage and rev their motorcycles at full throttle around 3 AM - no one ever confronts them<br>- thus, getting sleep in the front bedroom is an iffy proposition at best; conversely, a back bedroom on the outer ring of the complex is paradise for a good night's rest (I've had the experience in living in both a front and back bedroom at different times)<br><br>There are probably more things you should know, but this is a decent start. In summation, this is not a terrible place to live. You just had better be prepared for the likelihood of having "Animal House" neighbors somewhere nearby, and have whoever doesn't have to be up early take the front bedroom. Know what you're getting into and who you're renting from, and stock up on tomato soup or juice for that emergency skunk-detox bath. Cover all those bases, and Woodridge just might be for you.<br><br>I hope this has helped.<br><br>-Woodward Bernstein-
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Woodridge Townhomes

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