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Woodridge Townhomes



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anonrenter5995 • Resident 2008 Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2008
When we first signed our lease and looked at our apartment, it looked great and i was happy it was affordable as well. unfortunately, when we moved in, the place was DISGUSTING from the last tenants. I could understand if we had moved in immediately after them, but we waited two days! It should have been at least TOUCHED before we moved in. also, we found out we only had one bed, when we should have had three. however, we did have all the other furniture we needed. we rented from class act realty, and they were very helpful and got us beds WITHIN A FEW HOURS. we are still currently living here, but still having trouble getting maintenence done (and there is a lot to be done) because the realty company is way understaffed. also, they use comcast for internet and cable and i HIGHLY RECCOMMEND NOT using this service. said they'd have it up by the 15th but never came. i had to finally go and get the modem myself and set it up myself. (and being pretty unexperienced at this, it took a couple hours.) also, the biggest problem i have had is security. i had no idea there had been previous shootings out here and there has just been another. i am writing this in the hopes that people looking at the apartments for next year know this, as i was comepletely unaware of this. i also had a grill stolen from me from our own backyard. overall, you are really getting what you pay for. There is a lot of space and the townhomes are relatively nice, but you have to be prepared to deal with some issues.
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Woodridge Townhomes

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