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Young America Realty



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 07/23/2006
I came in with almost nothing. All the renting history I had came from my college housing, I didn't make enough money according to Apartment Mart and First Site's standards, but I got an apartment with YA that was three minutes' drive from my first job in the area. Before I settled on this one, I was shown some more economically priced and 'efficient' spaces that didn't quite work, but isn't that the case with everyone?<br><br>The building I settled for is oldish (1980s) but well-kept and so very warm in the winter (and living partially below ground keeps it cooler than most places). <br><br>I have some issues with spiderwebs in the summer and neighbors that blare stereos and have friends over that fill the tiny parking lot of the Prospect Rd. apartments and sometimes my space was taken, but those are mostly environmental and not at the fault of the management company. <br><br>Clint and Mindy and the maintenance folk on staff have been kind and helpful and the lease is not horribly demanding. Some older/dated fixtures and doors in the apartments but they still work well and almost every call/issue I've raised has been quickly dealt with.<br><br>I liked the place so much (and the rent special was great: $390/m for 13 mos for a 1.5 bedroom with dishwasher) that I renewed my lease. I may not do so the next time (looking for a top-floor with central air), but the first person I'm calling will be Clint. I've been taken care of without big company stupidity.
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Young America Realty

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