Pleasant Oak Apartments
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Pleasant Oak Apartments

212 S Oak Park Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302
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Resident 2021 - 2023


Hope you like lies and bugs

Bed bugs… other bugs… stinky hallways… only 200ish sq ft units… maintenance men go in your unit without permission or a heads up… unlevel floors… the landlord constantly lies and tries to manipulate residents.

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    Resident 2019 - 2021


    The only positive about this place is the cost of living here, but it comes at a hefty price. Your safety is not a concern at this apartment. There was one day I came home after an 8-hour shift at work to an apartment that had a gas leak. At the time I didn't know it but the pilot went out on my oven. Who knows how long the gas was leaking, but it was enough for me to start panicking. I called the landlord and he kind of laughed and said I probably didn't turn the knob to the stove off. Yes, he said! I told him I wasn't at the apartment all day and didn't cook in the morning, yes I had to convince him I needed someone to look at it. So he sends the maintenance person to check it out. When the maintenance person came he freaked out because the CO2 detector should have gone off. Turns out that both the CO2 detector and the fire alarm were not working. Towards the end of my time there I found out my bed was infested with bed bugs. I kept getting small red patches on my skin.… See More>
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      Resident 2015 - 2016


      Save your money and live somewhere else. Pleasant Oaks Apartments is not a place to live if you are a professional. The landlord is more concerned about having every apartment rented than carefully screening each tenant. Not a classy place to live.

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        Resident 2015 - 2016


        ***It is completely illegal for a landlord to enter a tenant's unit without 24 notice or permission from the tenant, except in the case of an emergency.*** I have lived on this building from October 1st 15 to October 1st 16. The apartment was too dirty and old even the bathroom door was not closing, and a lot lot of bugs and so many different insects -such as a cockroach- come in from the sink because it open all time and dirty inside -need to change or clean- also the stove -was too dirty around- but the owner/manager was disrespectful at all and after I talk with him about all that -above- he interred in my unit without notification/permission. And he throw all my stuff around even I thought it might be a thief and then I called 911. And also he don't want to fix or change anything even if it a violation. If any one on this building need help and call him or text he ignore - Phone calls go unanswered and voice mail goes unreturned-. And his unresentful workers that he have one of them the plumber who was provoked me over 5 months and… See More>
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          Resident 2013 - 2014


          Definitely recommend Pleasant Oak Apartments! Anything that needed fixed was dealt with instantly, and --- was super nice and attentive. Great value for a great apartment!

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            Resident 2008 - 2009


            I lived there a few years ago and didn't find this site till now. Joe is an awesome landlord. I didn't really have any complaints about my place. The internet he offered was ample but went out a few times. He came by that day or the next to fix it. I saw him around the place a few times and always friendly. The only downside is the parking. I never had a problem finding a spot but when someone tried stealing my car a couple months after I bought it, I had to leave it with my parents 20 miles away. Not that neighborhood is unsafe. I just happened to own a Civic that is pretty friendly to thieves. It is an older building. It is quiet unless the people above you are going at if you know what I mean. But otherwise, it was a great place and I was sad to leave.

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              Resident 2011 - 2012



              So first my ex rents a studio from Joe, my older son sublets it from her, and I sublet it from him. Positives: 1. Clean building. I have experienced other buildings in OP and the disasters they are. 2. Joe takes pride in his building. Repairs are made in a timely manner. 3. Studio has nice laminate flooring, walls painted, and I am lucky enough to have a blue tub and sink from the 60's! Newer stove, newer fridge, energy saving lighting, modern efficient windows, and it is QUIET! The radiators make some noise, but hey...they are more quiet than the giant roaches at the other places apartments. Laundry room: Can you ask for anymore? There are machines, posters on the walls, a small wall television to watch, a place to lock your bikes, a table with books on it, a basket to borrow if you don't have your own, a shopping cart....4. All utilities included except cable. Don't want t.v. in the laundry room! Negatives: 1. No storage space. 2. There are places to park but if your going to live in OP you must realize the government there is financed by parking tickets and permits. Side note to… See More>
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                Resident 2010


                Nice place to live...Great Landlord

                I have lived here several months. The owner Joe is always responsive and very reasonable. He takes care of his building and wants you to be happy here. Improvements are always being made and everytime I called about anything it has been professionally addressed and taken care of. The electricity is not a problem in the months I have lived here. Sure you can smell anyone's cooking when you are in the hallway --but not inside you unit. This is a great value, cute units, with good security cameras in a vintage building that thank God even has an elevator that works. The hot water runs good. Better not to have a car but guest parking is per village. No Bugs!!!!! I have recommend this to a friend.

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                  Resident 2008 - 2009


                  Could Not Ask for Better

                  I am renewing my lease after having lived here for a year. I am moving from a studio to a one bedroom and am so glad to be able to stay in the same building. It is rare to find a landlord that is so attentive to residents needs. There has rarely been a need for me to call on the repair man, but the times that I did, the problem was fixed within a matter of hours. The location to the green line is unbeatable, and if you dont mind a 15 minute walk to the nearest Jewel or Trader Joe's, you will not need to worry about transportation. The walls are pretty thick, I can hear the person above me walking around on occasion, but nothing too disruptive. Also, for security sake, the landlord recently installed video surveillance for multiple areas of the building, which you can view online. There is continual improvements made on the building and it's nice to live in a place where you feel like the management actually cares for your well-being.

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                    Resident 2007 - 2008


                    Good location, good value

                    I lived in Pleasant Oak Apts from Aug 07 thru March 08. After checking almost every apt complex in Oak Park I decided Pleasant Oak was the best option for me. It was the best value with a fair rent price that included all utilities. I dont know who the landlord is now but when I lived there it was Joe R and he was a very decent and honest guy(that seems rare when it comes to landlords). Yes, the building is old but they do a good job taking care of it and I rarely had problems. When I did, it was taken of usually within a day. The people I met there were polite and friendly. Joe did a good job of selecting tenants. I lived on the third floor and everyone was respectful of their neighboors which is important when living in apts. The only complaint I had of the apartments is the lack of parking. I had to rent a spot at a parking garage a few blocks away. Overall I had a great experience at Pleasant Oak and would recommend it to others.

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                      prospectiveVisited 2008


                      Couldn't ask for a better Landlord

                      I moved into a studio here in July of 08 and have had only good things to say since the day I moved in. The landlord, Joe, is so attentive and cares about this property. Any problem that I had with the apartment was fixed the day of by the caretaker, Martin, who is a great employee. My apartment has been warm everyday of the fall and winter, and the walls are very thick, so you don't here the neighbors. I love living here. Very convenient to the train and downtown Oak Park.

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                        Resident 2007 - 2008


                        Great Place to Live

                        Who writes a review for a place they lived in 4 years ago? I rented from the new owner last year and the place just gets better and better every month. The other reviews talk about bad wiring. The building was rewired within the past 2 years I was told and I have no problems with electricity. In fact, the new owner provides a/c for anyone that wants it FREE! The location in Oak Park is absolutely ideal. The parking in Oak Park is and always was a hassle, but a manageable one. There is a new fitness club nearby which is first class (Fitness Formula). There is a new library nearby. There are 3 trains within walking distance. There are over a dozen restaurants within a few blocks! Don't believe everything you read on a site like this, the phone number isn't even right. Usually disgruntled people need to air their feelings and when I saw the unfair comments made here I had to respond. The correct phone number is 708 848 2911

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                          Resident 2002 - 2004


                          No way Jose!

                          Summertime sucks here. Electricity goes out a million times in the summer. They used these old outdated fuses and I had to buy them myself and replace them myself too. Maintenance was pretty good but they would go into my apartment and not get permission first. Once I was in the shower and freaked out when I found them in my kitchen. I had 2 kittens and maintenance came in must have left the door open when I wasn't home and when I came home I found my cats lathargic and in the hallway without food or water. I complained, but it did not do any good. Nancy was in charge of the place back then and did not seem to give a crap. Tenants were loud and the walls are VERY thin. I could hear this couple on my floor fighting and body slamming each other all the time. I called the cops a few times, but these people didn't seem to mind the drama. Please look at other places to live in the area. Maybe move to Forest View, Elmwood Park, or River Grove... but Oak Park in general… See More>
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                            Resident 2005 - 2006


                            TOO OLD Beaware!

                            I would NOT recommend this building.<br><br>Bad things<br>Parking is difficult<br>Electricity goes out constantly in the summer (2-4 times a week)(old wiring)<br>Faucet leaks (bad plumbing)<br>Washroom pipes make loud noises when used for hot water<br>Building/fixtures are VERY OLD, <br>Elevators is old and slow, you open the door by yourself<br>Though walls are painted its very thick & flakey<br>Kitchen is small and you will smell your neighbours cooking<br>Owners are not very emphathetic, and are focused on making money off of you.<br><br>Good things<br>Nice neighbourhood<br>Close to EL<br>Nice outer appearance<br>Friendly tenants<br>Laundry room works well<br>Sympathetic repair staff<br><br>The actual building staff/repair man are helpful and do the best to appease tenants as they complain how old the building is (but you need to tell the owners to actually spend money to fix the electrical wiring and plumbing) The owners aren't willing to fix up this old building and just want to keep making money off it for as long as they can, with no concern of actually offering a reasonable quality apartment to the public. They are not completely honest in their dealings, though their staff try their best to help us.<br><br>When I first I called about the apartment they quoted me a price but when I actually went… See More>
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                              Resident 2004 - 2005


                              Great Management, small apartments, older building, no extras

                              I have lived here for almost a year. The management is really responsive and very helpful. The parking situation is terrible- street parking that is not always available outside the building. Plus, the village of Oak Park must make all their money through parking tickets. No matter how hard you try to follow all the rules posted on the street signs, it will take you quite a lot of money before you learn things the hard way. The building is also on a snow route, which means finding alternate parking when it snows. The building itself it older. Most of the units are studios, very small, but livable. There are also one bedrooms on the ends that are very nice. There are no extras in this building- the appliances are old and the units have obviously been repaired several times. However, ultiliies are included in the rent. You can hear the people above and below very clearly. Because the apartment rents studios cheaply there is a very mixed rental demographic- young professionals to some pretty stetchy characters. The building does have charm, and is located in a great part of Oak Park. The green line is only a few blocks… See More>
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                                Resident 2005


                                Nice but no Fitness Ctr

                                I have been told by good friend who lives here that this is the place to go. It is quiet, safe, and clean. Utilities and all for around $600 for a stuido. <br><br>The draw backs are significant though: No parking garage and no fitness center. <br><br>I'll probably take this so long as my place of work has a health club in its building.

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                                  Resident 2003


                                  Nice, clean, quiet building.

                                  I currently live at 212 S. Oak Park Ave., and this building is now known as Belldrey Apartments. The staff is very responsive and courteous, and the maintenance crew is excellent. Other than cooking smells that linger from other apartments, this building is a great value for the money. There is no parking available at the building, but there is parking available nearby from the Village of Oak Park.

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                                    Questions & Answers (1)

                                    Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                    Q: What is security like?
                                    Answered on: 09/01/2018
                                    A: The building is secure but some tenants leave the door open at night for their friends to come in the building. I don't recommend living there.

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                                    Based on 17 number of votes by renters, Pleasant Oak Apartments is currently rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.
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                                    Studio, 1 Bath

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                                    Pleasant Oak Apartments

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                                    Pleasant Oak Apartments is an apartment in Oak Park in zip code 60302. This community has a 0 Bed, 1 Bath, and is for rent for $1,165. Nearby cities include River Forest, Forest Park, Elmwood Park, Maywood, and Cicero.

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