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Bourbon Square Apartments

500 E Constitution Dr

Palatine, IL 60074



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Office Staff
nobourbonforus • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2005
....but it's FAR from it!<br><br>We've lived here for just over 3 years now and have endured loud, thumping music above AND below us, the constant smell of pot throughout our hallways, heavy walking and stomping above us, no parking spaces due to the fact that there is no designated parking. They have no regard for their tenants here, except to bend over backwards for the 20-something partiers by doing nothing to curtail their loud, obnoxious music and yelling.<br>There is absolutely NO reason for them not to have designated parking here. Every apartment should have 2 spaces alotted to them, and that's IT! (and then, REGULATE IT!) We come home to find that we're forced to park two lots over from our apartment, all because somebody have taken all of the spaces for their party guests!! WHAT???<br> We have asked for outside light bulbs to be replaced for security reasons and have literally had to ask more than 3 or 4 times before anything is done about it.<br>The layouts of the apartments are extremely attractive when you first look at them when considering renting here, but be forewarned; the floors and ceiling are made of paper and you and your family will hear EVERYTHING that your neighbors are up to....and we mean EVERYTHING! That's even when it isn't loud thumping music, but just every day living. When it IS loud, thumping music, when contacted, the office here does absolutely NOTHING to stop it. We are usually told to "call the police". Is that what we're paying rent for?<br>They throw this annual pig roast here, as if to try to say "we love our tenants" but when it comes right down to it, it's OUR money that they're using to have the party in the first place. Instead of using it to paint fire lanes (to keep people from illegally parking in them), or to make certain that all of the flood lights in the parking lots are always operating, they use it to throw a "party" for us. That's not management.<br>Although we've never had any direct conflict with any one person in the office, we know before we even call them about an issue that it will either not be taken care of or that we'll be forced to continually contact them before it is taken care of. Either way, we feel violated in our own place that we pay good money to live in.<br><br>Run, don't walk, away from Bourbon Square apts.<br><br>To answer the question of "why have you stayed so long, if it sucks so bad"....simple...it's close to work, and we HATE to move. Besides, why should WE be the ones to vacate a place, instead of the PLACE doing the things that they SHOULD be doing? Too often the 'idiots' win in this world. It doesn't make it right.<br>By the way, we're thankfully leaving here at the end of this month!!
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Bourbon Square Apartments

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