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The Woods at Countryside



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
To all those complaining about charges, I ask you this...did you even bother to read your lease? I used to work in the apartment industry and I cannot believe what I read about how management companies try "to screw people out of money". Give me a break. Residents want move-in specials and agree to sign a 12-month lease and then get mad when they have to break the lease and pay back the special - the deal works both ways...if you stayed for the 12 months you committed to, you would get the discount! <br><br>Also, when your neighbors have different rents, it is because they moved in at different times of the year and may have a different move-in special or lease term. How could you possibly expect every resident to pay the same amount of rent? Do you think you all paid the exact same amount for your car, the pair of jeans you are wearing or the gallon of milk in your fridge? Do you write scathing reviews about Target because they had a sale the week after you bought something? <br><br>Lastly, YOU want a short term lease because YOU want to leave when YOU want to leave but expect the owners to do you a "favor" and not charge a premium? Does anyone understand the purpose of a lease and the benefit of a short term lease? There is a premium for it!<br><br>Does anyone complaining bother to read their lease? It just sounds like everyone blames the management company when unexpected something comes up in their life - why not blame YOUR COMPANY for transferring you in the middle of your lease? Do people honestly think management companies are a non-for-profit organization designed to accommodate your every need? Please take a little responsibilty for yourself and committments you make.
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The Woods at Countryside

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