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Green Oaks Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
It looks great from the outside...but belive me this place is a total nightmare. I have lived in 8 apartemts in the last 10 years and this is by far the most digusting and pitiful place I've ever lived. Everyone who lives here is Section 8. The nice buildings aren't even owned by Green Oaks. They said they did 2 million dollard renovation...IT WAS TO THE OFFICE AND SO THE STAFF CAN LIVE IN A NICE CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONED APARTMENT. They have their priorities really screwed up. When we lived here we had a MAJOR gas leak in our stove. I ended up in the hospital over 6 times. The office didn't belive that it was coming from the apartment until they send the guy in 6 MONTHS LATER with the detector and said the carbon monoxide was dangerously high. WELL NO KIDDING. I was puking my guts out for 2 months straight, lost my job, my car, everything. The office staff are just downright rude. Anytime you call for a maintenance request they take it down and tell you someone will be by...well 2 days later you call them and they will tell you they never even received your call. There are alot of criminals living there...just because one person without a record got the apartment, the other 10 people there have one. There were people always out smoking pot, cigars, cigarettes in the hallway. They would throw their trash all over the halls...and not just papers..one time we came in to find eaten chicken wing bones all over the halls. Then they have these people come clean with pinesol once in awhile and all they do is take all the flyers out of the bin, throw them away, and splash some pinesol on the floor. Oh and don't get me started on how thin the walls are. You can hear EVERYTHING. I could hear my neighbors above me PEE. Yes PEE. We always had bugs in our apartment and when I called to have someone come out, the guy started going thru my cabinets telling me its my problem and to spray some bug spray into my cabinets with all the food. The people upstairs had 3 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment and all they did all day was bang and boom around the apartment. Oh and don't worry about your new car or paint job, my car had so many dents, dings, scratches and marks on it. People just hit your car in the parking lot and when you catch them doing it they tell you that if you were in the city more people would hit your car. If you tell the office they don't do ---- about it. For the first 6 months of living there the head maintenace guy Nick would go next door to this mexican guys apartment to buy drugs. He would come by, spit on the floor of the hallway, and tell the guy from in the hall that he was there to buy drugs. This place is bad. DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!! These apartments should be condemmed. When we were moving out this really ignorant guy kept trying to steal stuff out of our moving truck in broad day light. Lets see what else...oh don't put anything on your porch outside, doesn't matter what floor you live on..it will be gone in a matter of days. They give you these TINY wall airconditioners...in the summer I had to move my bed into the living room because it was SOOO hot in the apartment. For all the pain and sickness I went through I can't belive I paid these people rent for so long. I have alot more to say but I think you get my point. Oh and just so you know, everyone there is paying $400 a month for rent. So everyone who is renting for $770 plus should go down there and complain.
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Green Oaks Apartments

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