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Green Oaks Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
Please, PLEASE, stay away from this place. Me and my girlfriend decided to rent a place together for the first time. Therfore, we lived with our parents before hand, so we had no experience with going out filling our applications. . . First time entering the office to apply, the black lady asked if the apartment I was staying in with my mother was section 8, that was very rude of her to ask such an question, is it because of the clothes I was wearing? Is it because of my skin color? Is there a self hatred ting going on here? Like seriously? So, I filled out the first half of the application, they ran my credit, good we were approved credit wise. So, a few days pass and we are asked to come in and complete the second half of the application, so we did, Next, I call today to check on the status, the one lady states that they would need land lord verification. So, i stopped and think, " didn't we go through this question about five times and you states that you were going to help us bypass this situation? Did it occur to you that I was 21 and never had a place of my own before? Hmmm. Somethings not right here, so, I made up my mind to look else where, asked my gf to go back up to the place to get our 100 dollars back, she calls me at work and says the HEAD manager is Yelling at her calling her a lair about the land lord verification process when it was EXPLAINED to all of them that this is our FIRST apartment, my sweet lil baby had to go through that head ache, no one should endure such unprofessional-ism and --------, one would think before she opened her mouth that they would have done their indulgence with finding out or simply asking us what is the problem. So to top it all off, the entire office was extremely unprofessionalism( desk workers arguing back and forth in front of customers, cursing. Property manager, yelling at their customers for no apparent reason. So id advise youll to look some where else, if i endured such BS on my way in the door imagine if we would have got in.
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Green Oaks Apartments

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