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Green Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
Alright lets start off i moved in with my Fiancé in December 23, 2014. I didn't start moving all my stuff til Jan 15, 2015. Everything was going well until i came back from my trip to Costa Rica in March 2015, i stayed over there for 1 week when i came back there was nats all in my kitchen especially in my sink and then they started going to my bedroom and then to my bathroom and then all of them were in my dining area and my living room area. My fiancé and i had to buy all the products to get nats out of our apartment, we called the office to ask for someone to help with this problem. Supposedly they came and sprayed and everything but the nats never went away. Then the flood happened, i had to get a buy a new car because my car went under water. Then my apartment started having brown stains on the walls and i complained plenty of times and management never did nothing about it. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, i started experiencing bite marks all over my body and my fiancés body as well until one night we decided to search our bed and we found bed bugs all over our bed spreads, carpet and walls. There is no way we brought bed bugs from our current home because all our furniture was brand new and before we moved everything in we checked all the furniture for things of such. Becky which is the manager wanted to tell me that i brought bed bugs from my vacation in Costa Rica and was very rude. I ended up in the hospital with all the bed bug bites and i couldn't stop itching my body for weeks and she called me and left me a very rude voicemail and when i called back she talked to me very rude and had a huge attitude about me not answering my phone! She should be fired of how she treated me knowing i was in the hospital because of the bad PEST CONTROL they supposedly did. This is the worst apartment complex i have ever been too and the management was very rude and annoying. I SUGGEST NO ONE MOVES TO THESE APARTMENTS THEY ARE VERY VERY RUDE AND HAVE UGLY ATTITUDES. And i am reporting this to the city.
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