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Green Oaks Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2017
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I have been a resident at Green Oaks since 2006. I've read all 75 reviews and decided it's time to voice my opinion. I DO NOT agree with any of the "negative" reviews. I only agree to the "rights" of the people posting them. IF you're looking for things to knit pick at and people to blame, you will find it no matter where you live. There is NO perfect place to live and NO perfect people managing it. I admit when Denise first came, it took me a while to warm up to her. Once I realized the enormity of her job and the people she was up against, I CHOSE to be fair and not be petty and critical because I saw what she was doing for the tenants. She is NOT your "sister", she is the manager of Green Oaks. She is NOT mean, she's doing the job she was hired to do. Since moving here there have been many changes (some I agree with, some I don't). She is NOT here to win a popularity contest or allow tenants to walk over her like a door mat. Who cares if you don't like her or the entire team, they ALL deserve respect! There was a period when maintenance was slow and that wasn't because no one cared, it was because they were extremely short handed! Want to have a pleasant experience living here? Be considerate and respectful of your neighbors, PAY your rent on time, OBEY the policies and rules (remember that paper you signed and agreed to abide by when you signed your lease), TEACH your children respect! Green Oaks is NOT a dump, ------ or filled with people on section 8. For myself and my family it is a VERY nice, clean, comfortable and safe place to live!!! AND FOR THE RECORD: I am NOT on section 8 (wish I were) and I DO NOT work for Green Oaks. I am a retired educator, grandmother of 4 and a happy, content resident!
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Green Oaks Apartments

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