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2915 W Cannes Dr, Peoria, IL 61615
2915 W Cannes Dr, Peoria, IL 61615

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Brookview Apartments



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leviathan860 • Resident 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/02/2009
Shea property management is awful. I actually lived at Peoria North Apts on Knoxville but my leasing agent is at Brookview. The problems are too many to list. The noise is the worst, the absolute worst. I can hear everything that is going on above me. Every step, every word. The window lock is broken and they waited 3 weeks until the end of the month and took a lock off of someone else's window because they don't want to spend 25 cents on a new lock. I've complained about loud music above me and they do not care. They told me to call the police. The guy up there is so rude and mean and has been harassing me for calling the cops on him. Then, they assigned me to that same neighbor's carport and he called the cops on me. They called me and told me to change to spot 43. The problem with that is there is no 43, it ends at 41. I called them back and they were very rude and annoyed that I was asking them to fix their mistake. The manager then told me she would have to go through all the files and find a spot for me. She had no record of who parks where. I kept calling about the noise upstairs and Chuck Sellers told me to call the maintenance man to come over and verify the noise. I called twice and no one came. The third time he came and told me the music wasn't loud. Everyone I've had over who heard it thought it was too loud. Chuck told me to stop complaining about it. He just doesn't want to have to evict the guy upstairs, and the guy upstairs knows nothing will happen so he keeps it up. My bathtub leaks too whenever I take a shower. I haven't bothered calling maintenance about it because it's obvious someone tried to ------ repair it and it hasn't worked and they're not going to do anything. I've lived in 7 apartments before this one so I'm not nutty. This is the worst! DON'T MOVE HERE!
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Brookview Apartments

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