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Covington Club Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
Well!! Thanks heaven I moved out... When I moved into this apartment, I knew what I was going into and I should not be complaining for it and I will not.... 1) It was a garden level, no natural light, huge bills due to poor insulation, poor fixtures and locks - should not complain coz I picked it, I knew what I was going into and should be acceptable to me... 2) Maintenance guy was good. quite helpful. So here is the list of y this thing went down hill :- 1) I was promised a clean and updated apartment and when I went looked at the apt a family was already living. When I moved in, the carpet I found had probably not been changed for atleast 50 years. It was so rough that you could not walk barefoot. had some burn marks, some stains. They prob charged the old family moving out but did not fix it... Poor professionalism... 2) The last family left the patio in a mess and that's how I received it. When I moved in, I complained about it even in written but no body bothered and I had to clean somebody's mess in the end. I obviously cleaned mine when I moved out.. Again Poor Professionalism. 3) The shower cap I got was prob there for 2 year and had some microbes growing on it. Never replaced the shower cap before I moved into. Had to give a written complaint for them to replace with a cheap new one.. Poor Professionalism. 4) When I got my security deposit back, they found every possible way to charge as much money as possible. There were some bubbles in kitchen wall paint that they charged me for. It was there when I moved in but the property manager wasn't willing to listen. I mean what could have I possible cooked to make the paint bubble ??? I mean inject something using a sring ? If the paint could not with stand the cooking that they shud be using good quality paint... 5) I had some bug issues just after I gave my move out notice. Of-course I had to pay for all of it because I was blamed for it. First time I heard about such a case. 6) Biggest problem of all is the current property manager. You literally can't have a discussion over any of their policies or an argument or a disagreement. Reason why - coz she hangs up over the phone. Most ridiculous property manager I have met so far and I have met some nasty ones. The property is what it is but the management & professionalism is what breaks the deal. My recommendation is to go find something else coz this might end up the worst experience ever. You dont wanna bang you head against a wall.. do you ?
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Covington Club Apartments

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