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International Place Apartments



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grindrenter • Resident 2007 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/27/2013
I lived at International Place Apartments for just under 6 years, total. I started off in a 1 bedroom/1 bath, and then had 2 subsequent 2 bed/1 bath apartments with roommates. Obviously, since I stayed for 6 years, it can't be all bad. And it wasn't/isn't. The biggest issue is with the property owners - Heartland Properties. They seem disinclined to put any more than the minimum effort into upkeep of the apartments. There is one - ONE - maintenance man for 70 apartments, and there are usually at least 2-3 apartments that are in need of renovations at any given time. Combine that with day-to-day or emergency maintenance, and you have one maintenance man who is spread way too thin. To be fair, however, the last two (real) managers have been very good about getting things done in an emergency - when our air conditioning completely failed last summer, we were given temporary window units until a new system could be installed. As a counterpoint, when my first apartment had a minor cave-in of the ceiling, I had to imply pending legal action in order to get the issue addressed. This may have been less an issue of the owners as much as an issue of the management, though. Speaking of management, International Place tends to "chew them up and spit them out", as the saying goes. In my 6 years there, we had FIVE property managers. The first was almost never in the office, because she was too busy stealing the rent money and going to Vegas (allegedly, but I don't have a hard time believing it.) The second was in the office, but practically did nothing - and God help you if you went into the office for anything; she would just keep talking until you had to make an excuse to leave. The third was easily the best we had; she kept steady office hours, made certain that maintenance was being done, was more than willing to work out a plan if you were behind on rent, and was easily accessible in an emergency. The fourth lasted about a month before quitting. The last, and most recent, is okay. He tends to be out of the office a lot, which can be annoying when you want to pay rent or need to discuss an issue. However, he is USUALLY good about returning phone calls and getting maintenance issues addressed - at least, emergency issues. There is not much work done to maintain the grounds, outside of general mowing in the courtyard and the side areas. Many of the tenants own pets, and will freely let their dogs 'do their business' in the yards without bothering to pick it up. Nothing is ever done about this except for annoying flyers put up on the building doors to "clean up after your pets or else (and we're totally serious this time!)" Many of the gravel/rock areas (which are supposed to be decorative) become overgrown with weeds, and are tended to MAYBE once in a year. The parking lot is in abysmal shape, with potholes that form, get filled and smoothed over, and reform almost within a week. There is an entire back half of the parking lot that has never been paved, and is instead just loose rock and dirt. Parking is USUALLY okay, if you work an early shift. If you work late, expect that you will not be parking in front of your building if you live anyplace except the very back. Honestly, if Heartland Properties would re-pave the ENTIRE lot, including the area that has never been done, and repaint the parking lines, this would add at least a full star to my overall rating. Which brings up another issue - there are a number of 'special snowflakes' who like to either park over two spaces, or so close to a second space that you cannot reasonably fit a car in that space without yourself taking up another space. Again, nothing is really ever done about this (not even flyers!) Much of the interior of the apartments needs to be redone. Many of the appliances and fixtures seem to date from the 80s, at best, and are beginning to fail. The hot water heaters are a joke, the dishwashers are less effective than wishing your plates clean, the garbage disposals will clog and stop working at the drop of a hat, and the sinks develop leaks very quickly (because all of these things are apparently replaced as cheaply as possible.) The carpeting in most of the apartments is old and clearly beginning to fade, though management is apparently trying to replace most of this with faux hardwood floor. The walls/paint jobs are iffy, at best, and my last apartment developed a Doctor Who-esque crack over the kitchen doorway that was never addressed. Space-wise, at least, the apartments are not terrible. For their price, you have a passable amount of room. Definitely not large enough for any more than a family of 3, though, or 3 good friends (two of whom don't mind sharing a room.) Security-wise, the complex has some problems. The front security doors will often fail to actually lock, or the locks will just stop working, or someone will get it in mind to 'rig' the door to stay open for long stretches (a couple hours is one thing, several weeks is another.) The intercom / buzz you in system in at least one building has stopped functioning almost entirely - you will be able to hear, but not be heard over the intercom, and you cannot buzz anyone in. Not a problem if you're on the first floor, but having to traipse up and down the stairs can get tiresome for anyone else. On the whole, I would NOT recommend International Place Apartments to anyone but those who are in desperate need of a place on the (relatively) cheap and who do not have particularly high standards. It's not a dump, it's not a horrible place, but it's also not a place I particularly wanted to call home anymore.
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International Place Apartments

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