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International Place Apartments



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HappyInternational • Resident 2008 - 2009 Recommended
Reviewed 03/13/2009
You know the one and only comment on here is true to the end, I moved in thinking the same exact thing. An alright place to start out at being my first place and all. My move in day sounded very similar;and i was promised things that five months later never came. I literally was on the phone with a lawyer, when i received a letter under my door stating that new management was taking over. I immediately went to meet them to discuss the matters. I must say I have seen a VERY LARGE AND GREATLY NEEDED CHANGE! I have seen this woman work her days and nights picking up after an awful slum landlord, who didn't have the courtesy to even return a phone call. Everything was taken care of immediately, And when i inquired about breaking the lease, She asked me to stay, and give her a chance to make it right here. And she completely lived up to it.Slowly, I believe there will be more changes to come here.Although my first six months were a drag here,In the last two It has completely made up for itself.I feel now that I am in a safe and honest community were the landlord says Hi and takes here time to know people and their needs. Thanks
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International Place Apartments

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