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Seven Oaks Apartments



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crazyophelia • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2006
We were looking for a place to live while we shopped for a home. I read the reviews on here and thought "Surely it can't be that bad." - I was wrong. We requested a 3 month lease and an easy-to-move-into apartment. We ended up with a ground floor apartment, which was what we asked for, but it was at the bottom of a huge hill, so it was essentially like moving into and out of a 3rd floor apartment. Plus they made us pay all 4 months (since they will only do leases that terminate at the end of a month) in advance. The lease we signed didn't come with any terms & conditions, nor was there any indication of existing terms anywhere on the piece of paper we signed. We found those later, stashed away in a little 'goodie' bag. Not that these people will abide by the terms of the lease anyway - shortly after we moved in, the sewer backed up into several apartments, including ours. This was not their fault by any means, but the way they chose to handle the situation was highly unprofessional. We had carpet soaked in sewer water in our apartment for about 3 days before someone came to remove it. Then, when it came time to replace the carpet, they entered our apartment without our permission when we weren't there (which was against the terms of the lease), and proceeded to destroy a good deal of our property, as well as giving the carpet layers access to a great deal of our personal information, since we had mortgage papers and financial documents strewn all over the apartment. Now we're trying to recover for the damages, and all I keep getting is the run-around. I forsee taking them to court in the near future. Believe what these folks are telling you on here -there are far better places to live!
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Seven Oaks Apartments

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