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Golfview Village

620 Willow Pond Road

Rantoul, IL 61866



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/23/2012
The good thing is you get alot of space for a good price. The bad... -During the warmer months, the grass/bushes are infested with HUGE cockroaches. And when I say huge, I mean 1 1/2 or more inches long. We are embarassed to have people over because cockroaches run across our cement "patio" all night. You can't walk through the grass for fear of stepping on a nest of them. Not to mention our apartment is also infested. Keep in mind, we have to spray our own spray all along the outside and inside (along with the "pest control" they provide) and we STILL have huge nests in every single heating vent and electrical outlet. The cockroaches and ants are in the walls. We just watched one today scurry into a hole in the wall. -Our back patio goes out to a park, and every single day, all day, there are unsupervised kids screaming and running around, sometimes crying/screaming hysterically, with absolutely no supervision. I have NEVER seen a parent out there! We have to keep our windows and doors shut because of the noise, and we can still hear them. They sound like an angry mob, quite ridiculous. -The office is an absolute joke when it comes to recording payments made in person. More than once they have told us we made a late payment when we have ALWAYS paid on time. After much arguing, they called us liars each time and we were forced to pay a late fee. It doesn't matter if you have receipts-it's their word against yours and their word wins. My advice-pay online..computers don't lie! -Someone tried to break into our place in broad daylight, along with multiple other apartments. Their units only come with the lock on the doorknob, no deadbolt. No joke! -My car was hit while in a parking spot, and we found the car that did it (they were parked a few spaces down) with my paint on their bumper and their back light busted out from an accident, and the marks on both cars lining up. The police did NOTHING and neither did the complex. We had to pay $500 out of pocket to our insurance to get it fixed. -We had an expensive tie-out for our dog, and we always keep it hanging on a hook. It must've fallen down, and the maintenance ran it over, shredding it, and stuffed it in a corner. Mind you, it's bright red, so very easily seen even when in grass. -Insulation is TERRIBLE. In the winter, you can feel a breeze and during the summer, you can feel the heat when you get close to a window. Our heating/ac is constantly going to keep the apartment regulated. Bottom line: if you can find anywhere else, and I mean ANYWHERE ELSE to live, don't live here!
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Golfview Village

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