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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/12/2011
have lived at Meadowlands now for 4 years and the place is overall ok. Had a great first 2 years with more issues the last 2 years. The screening process for tenants has apperantly become a bit lax due to the recent increase of crime. I refuse to let my children leave our yard to play at the common playground due to the violent nature of the other children in our neighborhood. The condition of the units is ok if not better than average however lets hope that you do not need repairs. Had a plumbing issue and the plumber sent out by the office told me "its ------- friday if you needed this ---- fixed the time to call is not friday" I felt a bit foolish I supose since my toilet chose Friday to cease its normal operation. The basement has a strong aroma of mildew which I have been told for months now will be resealed "soon". Soon for me is a week a month maybe a few months not 9 months. Meanwhile my belongings from my basement have been sent slowly to the garbage. This is a minor in comparison to the safety issues. There is a great summer soccer game across from the apartment complex that is fun to watch. Also fun to watch are the participants that take up 100% of any available parking!! The best part is after they have drank their fill at the game and come back to your yard to use it as a toilet. The best was the weekend my children and I got to see a man throwing up next to his car which was parked in my space!!! After repeated calls to the office to complain nothing was done for 1 month the soccer season was over. Guess I should consider myself lucky? All in all the place looks nice at first glance and the apartments are pretty nice for the price ($500 a month). Beware if you have children, I have moved simply to provide a safe place for my family.
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