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1 Village Park Way, Savoy, IL 61874
1 Village Park Way, Savoy, IL 61874

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The Village at Colbert Park



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Rachael_P170 • Resident 2017 - 2019 Recommended
Reviewed 08/18/2019
I still currently live here. Since I moved in I have dealt with ants & rolly-polly bugs, BLACK MOLD, and a leaky refrigerator. All 1 bedrooms are on the first floor so be prepared for pests - they do come spray. That being said, if you have upstairs neighbors they will truly sound like elephants no matter how many times you ask them to walk softer. I have only ever had 1 unsafe encounter where I was hit on (after coming back from the ER at Carle so I was pretty desheveled) and that has been the only time I have truly felt unsafe. Maintenance comes and goes as they please which is fine because sometimes I was not home to meet them. I have also come back to maintenance forgetting to switch my key hole back from their master key hole vs the bottom one I have a key for (basically leaving it open to all had I not come home shortly after they had fixed it). The furniture is sub-par; the couch caused me so many back problems I had to routinely get massages. Word of advice bring your own furniture if you can, or just buy a new couch. The shuttle bus has been convenient getting to campus (20mins), but has been known to be late when someone calls out sick and someone is scrambled to pick up that shift. The mass transit takes about 30mins in to campus with the multiple stops it makes along the route Snow removal? HA! I am from NY. They're snow removal is the worst. Prepare to 4 wheel it back out of a parking spot and watch out for the trucks plowing because they do not stop for you! I've almost been in an accident 2x. They used to do pet rent, but that has since stopped. However they require more than one pet deposit. $250 does not cover all pets, $500 covers both pets so you pay twice. If you need to leave your lease early, you MUST get a subletter. No matter how good you are at paying on time (it's my 3rd year living here). Oh and they're is NO RECYCLING - so enjoy being unenvironmentally friendly!
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The Village at Colbert Park

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