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The Winds at Poplar Creek



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Reviewed 12/01/2011
They (Avalon) sold this property to an entirely new company--the sale was official February 9, 2012. They (Avalon) were ABSENT from the property the entire last few days of January and virtually through the official date of sale. No one could access the site to report maintenance issues nor could we pay rent online. The only thing residents were told was that through the month of February, online rent payment was not available. Is it that hard to notify residents of a property sale? It was complete chaos with regard to organization of the transition and BOTH management companies are to blame. Now the new company, RMK, without any improvements to the property, has elevated the rent AGAIN (this took awhile to discover, I might add. Their posting of new information online has come at a snail's pace.). The highest part of the rent range for Avalon (which was elevated from when it bought out Amli a few years ago. At least Avalon did do some minor updating--refacing the cabinets, replacing the laminate counters and such, but just updating, not really upgrading.) is now the LOWEST you can pay with this new company--and they took from FEBRUARY until MAY to so much as send out a newsletter. They took three weeks just to send out a "hey, we're your new apartment management company" letter. Word to the wise: Don't move here unless they give you the baseline rent in the range--the property value was clearly inflated in the transition process and it isn't worth that. It's a decent area (albeit with some less than desirables living just down the street) and a fairly kept up property but they don't have any upgrades to warrant elevating the rent to the extent that they did.
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The Winds at Poplar Creek

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