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The Winds at Poplar Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/10/2012
I moved into the complex on 12/2010 with a roommate. This was my first experience with a large corporate management company. Previous living situations had always been with smaller, more flexible companies or private owners. On the plus side, the units were clean, the area was quiet, I never had a problem with parking. I enjoyed having my own washer and dryer. If there were maintenance issues, they mostly were resolved quickly. I was not planning on renewing my lease because the rent and expenses were more than I cared to pay for an apartment. No utilities are included in the rent so figure an extra $150 - $250 for water, sewer, trash, cable, electric, gas depending on the time of year. The management changed hands entirely mid February 2012. Although the staff was friendly, there were several growing pains in the beginning and communication was slow to non existant. I am hoping things have changed since that time. I would have been interested in staying because I liked my unit but neighbors who moved in on either side of me had dogs and it was beginning to sound like a kennel at certain times of the day with the dogs barking. My real complaint was at the move out. I was charged to repair the carpeting which they claimed was damaged beyond repair and I assessed a late fee for my last month's rent because the online billing system would not accept my pro rated final month's rent. There was a miscommunication with the new management about when I needed to get the rent to them. They refused to credit back the late fee on the last month rent which sort of left a bad taste in my mouth at the end. I also owed $100 instead of getting my deposit back due to the carpet, the late fee and the final water, sewer bill which was mailed to them instead of me. I would have liked a walk through, I took pictures of the apartment and made sure it was clean. Since they are new management, and the carpet was not new when I occupied the unit, I am pretty certain there was some previous damage but I can not prove it. I have never not received a security deposit back from a landlord in 20 years of renting. The long and short of it is - nice area, it was convenient for me for work. I enjoyed my unit - I had an unobstructed view of the park. I found it a little expensive when you added the utilities, and storage was seriously lacking in these units. Also as time went on, neighbors with dogs moved in on either side of me making me feel like I was in a kennel due to the noise of barking dogs. But with apartments that is sometimes what you get in a pet friendly environment. Hopefully the new management has worked out the kinks since taking over in February. I would look around. The complex is nice, but there are plenty of other comparable options out there in the area.
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The Winds at Poplar Creek

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