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The Winds at Poplar Creek



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/15/2013
I lived here for a year. I'll break this down into pros and cons. PROS: There are only four apartments per unit which feels safer than having many apartments in a single building. There was ALWAYS sufficient parking space and 90% of the time I could park directly in front of the building. I could always see my car from the window. Maintenance seems to just be one guy but he was always there within an hour of me reporting a problem. Didn't always completely fix the problem, but he was punctual. The staff is also helpful and nice. The washer/dryer is in each apartment. CONS: I've lived in apartments for a good majority of my life, and out of all the ones I've lived, this one had the worst sound insulation. I could hear absolutely every step my upstairs neighbors took, whether they were using the shower or running the sink, and if they were having a conversation slightly louder than normal talking volume. I could also hear when my adjacent neighbors were watching a movie, and when their dogs were barking (which was all the time). We also had an incident where our upstairs neighbors had a water pipe explode. This caused our apartment to partially flood, and the ceiling was in terrible condition with cracks and mold growing. They told us they would fix it and paint over it, they never did. The apartments are also in close proximity to some section 8 apartments which made me feel unsafe at times. In fact, during our first month there we witnessed a group of people breaking into a car in our parking lot. We heard the smashing of a window and we went to investigate. There was glass all over the parking lot for weeks. Their pet policy is also ridiculous. A $500 dollar non-refundable charge for a cat plus $40/month? You end up spending A GRAND just to have a cat that you can adopt from the pet store for $100 dollars and spend $30 a month on for all of its expenses. This is common for all apartments, but there were bug problems year round. In the spring and summer, the fruit flies were non-stop. There were spiders and ants all the time. Some of the biggest spiders I've seen in a residential environment were in this apartment. Overall, this place wouldn't be so horrible if they weren't charging so much! It looks impressive on the outside, with its condo-like exterior and 4 apartments per unit. But on the inside it's a nightmare. They tried to increase our rent by $150 to stay another year. No thank you! $1,150 is an absurd amount for a 2 bedroom in this apartment complex. That amount does not include ANY utilities so add another $150 on top of that. Save your money and look elsewhere.
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The Winds at Poplar Creek

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