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The Winds at Poplar Creek



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jmalecki • Resident 2008 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/09/2009
During my stay at Avalon at Popular Creek, I was overall very happy with the apartment. I have not rented in over 9 years and figured I should write something up so that others know what my experience was like. I ll try to cover the pros, cons, and bills, as people should get a s ance of what renting is like, or know what they are getting themselves into. Pros: I had a two bed; two bath layout. I must say it is one of the best floor plans on an apartment I ve seen in a long time. I would say all their floor plans are great. You ll be inviting people over to show off this great find. Appliances are all new and black. They are easy enough to keep clean. Showers have great pressure, so no need to worry about washing the soap out of your hair. Washer / Drier in unit: You can only do half loads (three to four bath towels), that is no big deal, at least I m in my own place and don t have to worry about others touching my clothes, waiting for a machine, or paying $3.00 for a load of laundry. Snow removal during the winter was a nice surprise, the sidewalks and parking lot was always done promptly. They always salted the walkways and parking lot after each snow fall. Preventative maintenance: While maintenance only came once, they did perform a cleaning and filter replacement on the central A/C and heating unit. Kitchen is updated and is large enough for a table even though you have a dining area. This is great if you need both bedrooms and still need a place for a desk. Accepting packages at the front office is nice especially during the holidays. When cable TV went down, I switched to the building TV antenna; I was pleasantly surprised to pick up all the local channels in HD. Cons: Bugs: such as Spiders, Pill bugs, earwigs, centipedes, and ants those seem to show up at different times of the year. Oddly enough there were ants in December and January. Don t get me wrong it wasn t like an infestation; I m just saying you would see bugs from time to time. Avalon says they will send someone out if there is a problem. I emailed them and after a week of waiting I just went to the store and picked up some ant traps. Problem solved. Energy efficiency: Windows lose A LOT of heat. If you are during the winter months, think about putting plastic over the windows. Yes you can actually feel the cold a good foot away from the windows. The sliding glass door you can feel the cold on the floor clear across the room. If there is an outlet on an exterior wall, you can also feel the cold coming in. When I did the walk though my first day, I had pointed out that the mirrors had black marks and was asked if I would like those replaced, I said yes. Sadly those were never replaced. I also called to have my windows cleaned as I could not see out of them. I tired of waiting so being on the first floor I was able to clean the outside but only half, as the other side of the window has a secured screen and could not be cleaned by me. During the walk through I also noticed the spiders in the corners, but I said I would take care of them and the rest of the cleaning. Sounds: The walls between units must be good, as I never heard anything from the people next door. Now if you are on the first floor like I was, the people above your unit will dictate your experience. Lucky for me the people above me were mostly quite. There was a heavy walker from time to time, and boy if they dropped something you know about it. My unit was an end unit right next to Golf Rd. It took about a week for me to get use to traffic noise; again from time to time something very loud will wake you up (Empty dump truck speeding 70mph bouncing down Golf). Note; if you have an air purifier, turn that on in the bedroom to create white noise, you ll fall asleep in no time. Bills: The water bill is a community bill. I did not know that going into the apartment, should have read that as it is stated in the lease. I lived alone and paid the same amount as the three adults above me, and the family of 4 next door. Don t think that is very fair. The average monthly payment was $21.08 Trash: $10.00 a month (paid with your rent check) so if the rent you agree to pay is $1,195.00 your rent is really $1,205.00 Electric was an average of $49.61 a month, now I have had bills as high as $78.00 in the summer months because of running A/C. Note: I switched out all the lights for CFLs. Gas: I had chosen the payment plan, as I have no idea how much gas was going to cost month to month, especially since winter was not that far off. The monthly bill ran $120.89 a month. Must have renters insurance before you move in, that is roughly $110.00 for the year. Now I hope that my write up has helped you. Again; overall I was happy during my stay. Signed Current resident
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The Winds at Poplar Creek

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