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Twenty-One Kristin Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/23/2007
I rented a 1 bedroom apartment here from late 2005 - late 2006. It was an absolute nightmare of a living experience! Where to begin?<br><br>1. Don't be fooled by the staff's pitch of "cement walls and ceiling will make your apartment very quiet" - wrong!<br><br>2. Do not expect ANY help from any of the 21 office staff. They are rude all the time and despite my continual complaint about locks being broken (secure building, I think not!), they didn't seem to care, nor were the locks fixed for days.<br><br>3. As stated above, the locks were constantly broken. Most people just shoved a rug between the door to keep it open. The lock to the enterence I used was held on with duct tape the entire time I lived there!!! Also, it is very frustrating when you're lugging in your groceries in the winter only to find the lock is broken and you must load everything back in your car and use a different (maybe operable) door!<br><br>4. Don't let the lobby fool you, the building is a mess. A lot of tenants (most staff) must not care too much about the place because there was always garbage laying around in the hallways. Often times the garbage chutes were overflowing and stunk up the hallways.<br><br>5. On a good day, only half of the 6 washers and dryers (on every other floor) actually worked. It was always hit-or-miss, and you never got your money back. By the end of our lease, my boyfriend and I eventually started keeping a checklist so we would remember which washers/dryers actually worked. (No "Out of Order" signs were ever posted).<br><br>6. Water pressure is NON-EXISTANT and you will be lucky if you have any water pressure - at any time of the day!<br><br>7. The fire alarms went off at least once a week (up to 3 times a week the first few months we lived there), and the fire department had to come by. We assumed it was because the elevators were getting stuck (as the fire department was never in a hurry to get over to the building, even though they are located right across the road).<br><br>8. The heat is left on until June 1st. There were many 90-degree plus days in late May, 2006 and we were all sweltering in our apartments. When I went to the nice air-conditioned office to complain, the staff actually laughed at me and said "too bad". I guess it's a Schaumburg city code that apartment complexes should switch over their heat to air conditioning on June 1st, but may do so earlier if weather conditions warrent it. 21 didn't care!! It is also about a million degrees in the hallways year-round.<br><br>9. It took forever for maintenence to shovel the walkways in winter. They were slippery and often not salted.<br><br>10. While we were renting there, they were installing fire sprinklers. They estimated the project to take ~2 months per hall, it ended up taking about 5 months on our hall. All of the hallway ceiling tiles were off during this time, with tons of cords hanging out (and in many places, on to the floor) all the time. Very unsafe!<br><br>Needless to say, the day we moved out was a happy one. Renting at 21 was nothing but a nightmare. I know they're now "converting" the building to condos, so maybe there will be some changes. But, if the same idiotic staff is still there, don't expect much! Stay away!
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Twenty-One Kristin Place

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