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850 S Durkin Dr, Springfield, IL 62704
850 S Durkin Dr, Springfield, IL 62704

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Monroe Garden Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2008 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/23/2011
My wife and I have lived at Monroe Gardens for over 3 years. We were content. However the new management company is a joke. They put a young person in charge who doesn't care about anything. Two of our neighbors are handicapped and management had their reserved parking signs removed. We had started in an upstairs apartment and switched to a ground level one over a year ago. The day they took over we got a letter that stated we owed $175 in back rent that we had 5 days to pay or find another residence. Previous management had failed to tell us that when we moved our rent had went up $25 a month for over a year and a half. They moved all the dumpsters to the center courtyard so now i have to walk approximately 100 yards with dirty diapers every day. plus the smell from the dumpsters makes the courtyard smell like a landfill The apartments are drafty. Our master bathroom does not get above 50 degrees in the winter time unless a space heater is placed at the door. The windows let in a draft you can feel from half way across the room. We too were told our ground floor apartment was set up for washer dryer hookup. Yes you can hook up a washer but there is no gas or 220 required for a dryer. there is also no vent hookup for dryer so you have to use a bucket and disperse the heat into the room. Also since the dryer has to be 110 volt it is nearly impossible to find one that will work. We hear every move our upstairs neighbors make. The creaking and thumping heard when they walk across their floor frequently wakes the baby up. WE constantly cannot find a close parking space. In closing i would not recommend this property to anyone. We are leaving as soon as our lease is up.
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Monroe Garden Apartments

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