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Monroe Garden Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/27/2013
Ive been living here for 8 years and this place has really gone down hill and fast. Ever since the new teenage manager that was brought in the quality of tenants has taken a dramatic slide and so has the property. We just had a record snowfall this past Sunday and they didnt plow or shovel the side walks until Monday afternoon and they did a horrible job ta boot, they made one small opening in the parking lot and did a shovel width for the sidewalks. I had to shovel the sidewalk myself so my elderly neighbor could get her wheelchair down the sidewalk because the staff wasnt competent enough to make a path wide enough for disabled people. Every other apartments complex on this street had their lots and sidewalks done first thing Monday morning but not this place which is shocking because all the workers live here or at the other properties they run. This place will continue to get worst unless they get a manager in here that is old enough to understand how to properly run a business, its truly sad to watch what this place has come too, its starting to turn into the projects, they used to keep the grass mowed and looking nice and the leaves picked up in the fall and now its like they could care less.
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Monroe Garden Apartments

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