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Olde Town Apartments



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heatherly83 • Resident 2005 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2007
When I first moved here - it was a decent place the staff was nice and we renewed our lease. IMMEDIATELY after renewing the lease the staff changed - some of them look like convicts.. but a lease is a lease- I lived here a year and a half, have a very noticable car - and got towed when my sticker went missing (the stickers they give you stick on the outside and peel off) The lots were so poorly plowed cars were getting stuck and couldn't get in our out. Garbage constantly overflowing, not always picked up adequately and when things fly out - they lay outside for weeks blowing around the grounds. A neighbor upstairs moved out and left dirt and junk all over the floors in front of the mail boxes - and nobody cleaned for over a month. The mail isn't always picked up even when you leave a note to please take outgoing mail.. Hot water amount is PATHETIC! A month ago we had a huge fight and police outside the apartment, theres constantly quarrels but this one ended in a car getting trashed and someone screaming "dont hit her she has a baby in her arms" outside my window at 2am. Yesterday, what I can only assume was that man, came back and empted a gun into the window of that apartment- were the surrounding neighbors notified by the staff? NO! Also there was a fire, nobody was notified until they stuck papers in our windows, my smoke alarm hasn't been tested this year, the air filters haven't been replaced - when I moved in theres an electric box outside my window and they said "wow i certainly hope that doesn't pop" NOBODY cleans up after their pets- you constantly hear cars with poor mufflers outside, neighbors blast music and have huge fights - no matter how many complaints nothing happens, car got broken into - 3 dryers of laundry was stolen from laundromat while i walked 100 ft back to my apartment to get a diaper for my daughter. Staff is completely not helpful - last year fire alarm in apartment building was going off for almost 24 hours without any assistance no matter who i called. Apartment was unclean when I moved in, tile torn up, cabinets scratched and worn, POORLY done paint, yellow goo leaking down bathroom walls, stains on carpet, screens shredded and mini blinds broken. Sadly, this isn't even all of it.
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Olde Town Apartments

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