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Country Club Apartments



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Office Staff
Illini_1 • Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/24/2005
Hello to all in the Cyber world. I just wanted to let you know of the Country Club Apartments in Urbana. I had moved into this apartment the first week of September, only after I had the opportunity to check out the apartments in the area, which there are a few as we all know. I met with the Manager and he greeted me with a smile and a tour of the units. I was at first a little leery of the area, and the complex because of my friends telling me there perceptions but as I went around the complex with The manager in the golf cart that he is very proud of. I started to become more open minded of the place. I must say that the manager must have a mind of steel, since he seemed to know all the residents that were walking around by first name, he said hi to everyone while we were driving to the apartment for my showing and everyone said hi back. Cool very Cool... We then looked at the apartments I was able to look at a unit with carpeting (Very nice and adequate for 550 a month) then he showed me a unit with new hardwood flooring (Wow very impressive at only 565 a month) I stayed there for like 20 minutes thinking of where my things would go. We then went to the office the manager then gave me his card and an application and I departed. I then checked out some of the other apartments in the area but none gave me the same feeling of The Country Club Apartments nor were they so well priced. I went back 2 days later and was greeted by the manager by my first nameý. What an awesome Guyý.. I singed a lease and the rest is history. We had a few move in glitches like a key that did not open the mail box and a sliding door that fell off of the track but I called the manager and something very weird happened The maintenance people were there in 10 minutes and all the things were completed, and I even got a new keyý.. I would strongly recommend this place to anyone that I can and if you have any thoughts of the area donýt let the past or others perceptionýs sway you against the place. It is truly a very nice place to live and I plan on staying here till I get that degree...... I might be here for ever....... ;-)
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Country Club Apartments

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