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Grandville Court Apartments



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ricekrispies • Prospective Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/11/2008
I didn't live there but was turned off by manangment. the lady ms Hanson was really unfriendly and not nice at all the price was good and the apartment looked clean but she was a real ----- and thats not worth the price she told my friend that if her dog barked alot she had to remove its voicebox or get out! she had too many rules and told us how strict she was and didn't hesitate to kick you out for breaking one of her many rules. by the way she has a hand book she gives the tenants! she is so nosey if someone is there more than 7 days she wants them added to your lease and if they dont pass the her standards she forces them out even if they arent on the lease.shes old and evil very shrewd she picks and chooses her tenants by crazy unlawful standards that even the baby jesus couldn't abide by! I think she needs a reality check and to be more of a people person to get my bucks so I passed on the troll. she had this attutiude like, "I dont care if you rent from me or not the aprtments can stay empty" shes not military friendly either you still have to pay half your rent even with a miltary clause and orders.
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Grandville Court Apartments

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