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Magnolia Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2016
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Office Staff
Quite honestly one of the worst apartment complexes that i've ever had the displeasure of living in. Undeserving of a SINGLE star. If i could, I'd give zero stars. I still get chills when i think about how i gave this dump rent money for 6 years! Truly the "bottom of the barrel" when it comes to living in Lake County. The complex is under Forever Construction, ran by Jorge and Maria Torres. They own other complexes and I'm fairly certain that they're no better. When i first applied and came to the office to sign my lease, Maria handed me a stack (that was literally the size of a phone book) worth of papers to sign. I thought to myself, despite seeing the conditon of the building (very old and it shows), that at least there was a sense of order withing the community. When i moved in, i noticed that my oven wasn't working. Despite repeated calls and requests I WAITED LITERALLY 5 months to be giving a "hand me down" oven. If i wanted to cook, i was fortunate enough to have a friend living in the complex and he allowed me to use his. My living room window was missing a screen and i never got one, despite repeated calls and requests. The "maintenance" man was incompetent and couldn't speak "groundskeeper/housekeeper", who's namea was also Jorge, was completely and totally useless and only seemed interested in cheating on his terminallt ill wife with some of the female tenants. Speaking on tenants, the tenants were truly the icing on the cake. The population was mostly if not all --------. Tenants would let their kids run around in the hallways all different hours of the night, destory property and leave trash everywhere, and also set off the fire alarm literally once every week. The Groundskeeper Jorge was totally useless and did nothing about this.The building actually caught on fire in 2013!!, because a woman left her stove on while waiting outside (ACROSS THE STREET) for her child. The main thing that "grinded my gears" about the complex, was THE MUSIC!!! Neighbors would play their God Awful Mexican Banda music ALL hours of the day and night AT FULL BLAST. I had to call the police numerous times and Jorge and management did nothing about this. Management was never responsive to the needs lf their clients. They were only concerned about collecting rent and handing out "eviction notices" if you were a day late. I never saw Jorge or Maria surveying the grounds and just taking and showing initiative or dedication to their property. They own a few buildings all over waukegan and they're in the same condition. I couldn't wait to move and vowed to write an honest review in attempt to deter good people from wasting their time and money. OH ANOTHER THING! I'm not sure if they still do this, but they have this "promotion" where you don't have to pay your security deposit all at once. They gave you monthly installments. This would trip you up though. Let's say you pay $650 and you're monthly installment is $100. You write out a check or money order for $750. Management would deduct the majority of the $750 out of your security deposit and the rest would go to your rent. However, your rent would be considered NOT FULL PAID, so you would incur a late charge and a eviction notice. I was warned about this and therefore wrote 2 seperate momey orders for my rent and my monthly security deposit... BE CAREFUL! In conclusion, i wouldn't recommend this complex to a roach (oh there were plenty of those as well). If you're looking for an apartment that's filthy, outdated, houses uncivilized and possibly illegal tenants, is ran by absentee property managers who lack professionalism and empathy towards the needs of their clients... This is the place for you!
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Magnolia Apartments

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