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Axis at Westmont

1 Fountainhead Drive

Westmont, IL 60559



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tacodingo • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/25/2007
Well, I guess all I can say is I'm glad to be leaving. The rent was going up at least $165, and it was NOT worth it to stay. For starters, I rated the parking low because the parking lots (at least the ones on the streets) are very cramped and occasionally on the weekends you may have to park in the building adjacent to yours.. But I just heard they might redo them, so who knows. Hope you don't have a huge vehicle because I don't think you'll fit it in these lots, especially if you think you have a monster truck, this means you Big Truck McSmallDick. Oh, thanks for causing that huge blind spot by the way! Anyways, the apartments should really be renovated. The window unit air conditioning and "radiant heat" are a little old, and honestly don't seem to make a difference at all. The air conditioning is loud and hardly cools the room that it's in, let alone the rest of the apartment. Never had much of a problem with the heat. The one thing I will mention that makes a huge difference in your bills is the shared utilities in the building. Gas, you pay the buildings total divided by the number of units. So really, no matter how little you use, you'll always pay more because someone else wastes... We always wondered why our gas bill was getting up to $100! Water, it's not fun when you're trying to shower and the water suddenly goes cold because the person above you is also taking a shower. The kitchen appliances are also a bit old, and not a brand name, Rotel? There is a dishwasher, but it was kinda dingy so we never used it. They must have replaced the kitchen floor with linoleum, but didn't do a good job because there a huge gaps where they didn't place the tiles down right, so we could see the old floor below. The old floor looked nicer than the new one! I don't know why they just didn't keep it. The cabinets look alright on the outside, but are also old on the inside, I guess they put shelf paper in them, but really they should just be replaced. The other thing I noticed, which it could have been just me, but there seemed to be a lot of spiders always around. I think they maybe got in through the air conditioning. This is probably not a huge thing to mention, but I hate spiders so it really kinda bugged me sometimes. Oh yeah, the outside screen doors, wow they all need to be replaced! It never worked, always got stuck and often broke off. I've seen many apartments who just take it off and put it to the side because it's such a pain to open.. That's one issue they should really fix. If you get a one bedroom, the bathroom will be REALLY small... only enough room for one person. The counter top has space but that's it! The overall closet space in the apartment is good though, although beware if you use your "storage" space. Someone took our lock off and put their stuff in our space, so we never got to use it! The laundry room was alright, but sometimes one washer wouldn't work or get fixed for a while so you had ONE for the whole building for a while. One time, they left standing water inside the washer for days, it was gross. I don't like having to use the laundry card, you always have to go to the clubhouse to refill it. I tried to put a $10 bill in the machine once and it ate it, I called the company and they said we would get a refund but of course we never did. I'd rather just use quarters, at least you don't waste money that way. The clubhouse always looked nice but the main room was never open, always locked, what's the point of that? How are you going to "enhance the lives of your residents" with a locked room? Anyways, it seemed nice on the tour but after a while it wasn't that great anymore. We never had a problem with people in our building, except for once with VERY loud music from next door but we called the police one night and got them busted, and there was no noise from then on! Thankfully they moved! Other than that, the people seemed nice, lots of kids too. The location is nice but that's about it, really it's all I can say after almost two years. I guess it's hard to see the good things after a while, so really don't go on just my opinion, see for yourself.. I've read a lot of reviews on this site, and most of them don't take the time to really put details in, so I tried. It's always good to know what you're getting into, truthfully.
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Axis at Westmont

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