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1130 S Williams St, Westmont, IL 60559
1130 S Williams St, Westmont, IL 60559

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Eagle Creek Apartments



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Verified Resident 709872 2019 Recommended
Reviewed 10/24/2019
The people I have met, have all been very friendly and courteous. I appreciate that there aren't children, animals, or adults running around like a ------. So far, it feels like a safe place to reside. I have been walking my dogs late at night, to avoid any distractions from my dogs, and I haven't witnessed any negative encounters or been afraid. Property management does a very good job of keeping the property well-kept. No trash lying around, no tree debris. And the landscaping is all very well up kept. Finding a parking spot, close to my apartment isn't an option after 6 pm. It has come to my assumption that the lot in front of my building is used by three different buildings, and now I'm wishing we had assigned parking, or as much area to park as some other buildings have.. I anticipate when it snows and I work late in the day, it will be a very burdensome walk from my car to my apartment. I can hear the tenants living beside and above me; however, I cannot hear their conversations, just the steps they take, if they use any plumbing, or if they are watching a movie with the volume up. And I'm sure they can hear my dogs barking, so I do not mind hearing them. We are all loud in our own ways! Maintenance came to fix things that I had found broken upon my move in, but did not actually fix a thing.. his time in my apartment was not an effective use of the company's money or efforts. I could have done a better job performing the tasks needed completed, with little effort, and had a much better result. And the last, but most important thing I can think of: the water heater. I'm not totally sure if each unit has their own water heater, or if the building is shared. But I have to take showers at certain times of the day, or else I cannot get a HOT shower. It may be lukewarm, but one wouldn't be able to warm a baby's bottle with the water that is typical of normal bathing times of before 8 am or after 5 pm. (Which is what leads me to believe the building is on a shared water heating system.) And yes, I know how to adjust the knob to put make it as hot as it can be! It just makes me nervous for the winter months rapidly coming upon us. The apartment itself, is beautiful, and the best option of what I was looking for in an apartment in this area, with the best price, out of 12 others in the area. I LOVE that I have my own little backyard area (I wish it had grass instead of mulch so my pups would use the bathroom out there sometimes,) and I LOVE that I have my own front doorway, not a "hotel hallway." The kitchen is very beautiful, and the sink hose is SO FANCY. I think the colors of the walls, flooring, countertops and cabinets were all wonderfully thought out: beautiful. I do wish I had a ceiling light in both the living room & the bedroom, but I can do just fine without! Overall, I've been here a little over a week, I cannot complain about or appreciate all of these things I have mentioned to the fullest, as I haven't been here long enough to have actual concerns or celebrations. I will be sure to write another review upon my move out, if I choose to move when my lease ends.
Eagle Creek Apartments Manager11/05/2019

We thank you for the review of Eagle Creek! Our team works diligently to provide the very best apartments and service, and we are happy that you enjoy living in the community!

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Eagle Creek Apartments

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